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Signs Of Owning A Junk Car

5 Signs Of Owning A Junk Car

One of the recently asked questions is “What is a junk car?” to which people have different answers as per their perspective. By definition, a junk car may refer to a vehicle that is no longer capable of use and has no resale value. Thus the only way you can receive some cash is by selling it as scrap or as a source of parts.

Many people agree that there are signs to determine a junk car. Hence we have managed to collect some of the signs that can help you in knowing whether the car you own is a scrap car or not.

  • It’s very old:

Determining the exact period a car will last is an impossible thing to do. Some cars give up before the 100,000 miles mark, whereas some might even cross 200,000 miles. It all depends upon how well the car is maintained, and if it has faced any unfortunate event of breaking down.

Even though you cannot tell the precise time of a car’s life, the average life is estimated to be around 12 years. If you have a car that has passed 12 years sitting in the garage. You probably own a scrap car.

Just because a car is more than 12 years old doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a junk car, as it could still be in working condition. People even own vintage cars that are way more than 12 years old, that doesn’t mean they have a scrap vehicle. However, if a car is not maintained for a long time and is covered in dust and rust, it’s a pretty big sign that you should sell your car online to a scrap yard.

  • It doesn’t work:

The best way to determine whether you own a junk car or not is by seeing if it works. If your car doesn’t work, it might be because it has some issues that need fixing. Hence another good way to know if it’s scrap or not you can estimate the repairing cost required.

You can get a rough estimate from your mechanic and if the cost for fixing is 40% or more than its current selling price. You might have a scrap vehicle on your hands. Sometimes, fixing costs is low, as you can get a car to start by popping in a new battery. Anyhow if the price is near to half of what the car is worth, you should try to sell it as soon as possible.

  • Your car is totaled:

In the unfortunate event of being involved in an accident, you might find yourself with a totaled car. As approximately 6 million car accidents take place every day in the USA, while some of them are minor, others can wreck your car.

A totaled car is a car that has been wrecked, and its repair cost is too expensive. The repairing cost sometimes can be even more than the current value of the car itself. Therefore, you should consider your car a junk car like the insurance companies do in such an event. The insurance company will pay you the price to buy a new car instead of fixing the totaled one.

  • The car is unsafe:

Suppose you have a car without the required safety features installed that can’t be installed in the car externally. You more likely own a scrap vehicle because a car must not have failed brakes, no airbags, rusty frame, or a cracked windshield.

New cars are equipped with various safety features to protect you from getting injured, but it’s a junk car if you are driving an unsafe car. The best option for you is to install the safety features in your car, and if it’s not possible. It’s best to consider selling it.

  • Doesn’t serve your purpose:

Suppose you have a car that doesn’t serve any purpose to you and is just sitting on the driveway covered with dust. You should sell your car before it loses any more value, as it is a junk car for you.

The primary purpose is to provide you convenience in traveling, but if the car isn’t capable of doing so or you have no traveling requirements. There’s no point in keeping it.


A car can be termed as a scrap car if it fits any of the categories mentioned above, which is why you should sell your car. However, if you have the question, “Who buys used cars near me?” The answer is Acres Cash for Cars. Where you can get cash for your used or junk car immediately.

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