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All You Need To Know About Broken Timing Chain

November 17, 2021
All You Need To Know About Broken Timing Chain

All You Need To Know About Broken Timing Chain

Since the cost of car repair is perpetually rising, you might be drawn to the idea and selling your car, if it starts to give you trouble. Especially, when faced with timing chain issues, many people have one question in their head,” How can I sell my car fast?”

However, before you head to make a decision as hasty as this, you first need to learn the warning signs exhibited by a damaged chain. You should know everything from price to place because it is indeed crucial for your engine.

What is the timing chain?

The timing chain is also known as the timing belt or cambelt and it is one of the crucial parts of your car’s combustion. The purpose of this very component is to synchronize the rotation of the crankshaft with that of the camshaft. This is helpful in allowing the valves of the engine to operate at accurate intervals between the exhaust strokes and intake.

Why do you need the timing chain?

Another chief purpose of the timing belt is to prevent the piston from striking the valves while it is taking a dive. Such mechanism is mostly toothed, therefore you would find the drive belt to be tightly attached with other parts. If there is something wrong with the teeth, your timing chain would not function effectively.

In terms of the internal combustion engine, the timing chain is designed to connect the crankshaft and the camshaft together. This connection plays a pivotal role, in controlling and decoding the valves of your engine. In a lot of modern cars, the presence of a four-stroke engine is responsible for opening and closing the valves during each revolution of the crankshaft.

Kinds of Timing Chains

There are numerous types of timing chains, including chain systems or gear and rubber composite belts.

The purpose of the gear and chain system is to offer an accurate connection between the camshaft and crankshaft for absolute timing. When crankshaft and camshaft are present close to each other, the engine of the car would use a very short chain. The purpose of the short-chain is to prevent excess kickback and torque against the drive crank. This is helpful as it significantly lessens the effect of excessive stress and the potential wear, tears as well.

Most chains and gears are proven to be durable, however, if one can then one should prefer the rubber belts for they are much quieter while operating. Although much-preferred rubber is not the only material that covers the timing chain. To make the timing belt last longer, a lot of them have metal timing belts. The rubber belts can be replaced at certain intervals and they are subjected to be replaced with other internal mechanisms like a water pump.

Failure of Timing chain

It is a known fact that after a specific time, the timing chain should be replaced by the owner of the car. This is even mentioned in the car manual and the mechanics with a good experience under their belt would also recommend you the same.

Not replacing or repairing the timing chain after a significant time period is likely to result in great wear, tear, breakdown, and extreme engine failure.

Although every vehicle has a different life span of their timing chain, the interval of schedule for average manual maintenance is between thirty to fifty thousand miles.

Usually, the car owners would choose to replace their timing chain tensioner at around the same time they are getting their belt replaced. This is a practical approach as it helps to reduce the overall labor cost for the procedure.

Sometimes, replacing a coolant pump also helps to reduce the overall replacement prices.

Take a look at the brief list below, for we have compiled a few major causes

  • Stripped teeth or delamination

This one of the most common causes of the damaged timing chain.

  • Breakage of high tensile fibers

Although, this not a common cause of a damaged timing chain, there are times when tensile fibers of the timing chain really cause overall malfunctioning. 

  • Dirt

Not many people would talk about it, however, clogged debris and dirt can gradually breakdown the composition of the timing chain.  That is because debris and grease can become a hurdle for the motion of the timing chain, this eventually results in premature timing belt failure. 

  • Excessive strain

Overuse or rigorous use can result in poor performance of the timing chain. This consequently lead to timing chain breakage

To avoid, everything aforementioned, you should correct the belt tension, as it is critical to prevent the beating the timing chain takes.

You should also make sure that you ask your mechanic regarding the professional synchronization between the movement of the valves and the motion of the pistons. The lack of synchronization directly leads to issues regarding the valve timing and the collision between pistons and valves.


What are the symptoms of a damaged timing chain?

Here are some of the most common symptoms of the timing chain,

  • Damaged gear teeth

Since teeth of the timing chain are responsible for holding the rotating gears and other engine parts, damaged teeth would make the objects slip away from the grip. The teeth can either get brittle or get broken all of a sudden.

The slipping because of damaged teeth can cause the teeth to jolt the engine because the camshaft timings are now incorrect. 

  • Misfiring of engine

Another major sign of a totaled timing chain is the misfiring of the engine. Here the fire of the engine could be in the greatest trouble and it could also cause the teeth to start wearing out. 

  • Smoke from the engine

This is the third and one of the most common signs of a damaged timing chain. In the engine of every vehicle, there are two holes present on the surface of every cylinder. These holes are responsible for letting out the exhaustion and outside air in. Therefore the opening and closing of the holes are in perfect harmony with the movement and the rotation of the camshaft. If your timing chain is broken, the rotation can be disrupted.

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