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All You Need To Know About Car Titles

All You Need To Know About Car Titles.

A title is a legal document that represents the ownership status of a vehicle. There are various titles that a car can have like owned, salvaged, or junk. Each of these titles has its perks and drawbacks. It is also essential to know that you can find vehicles without titles all over the internet. There are plenty of websites that sell these kinds of vehicles.

Approaching these online platforms may be what you need if you have a car without a title then. They can assist you when you want to sell your car online and help you get the best price for them. You can also go to Acres Cash for Cars if you want a good deal on a salvaged car.

Before we go ahead on whether you can sell your car without a title or not, let us go through some basics about these titles.

Basics of Car Titles

You need to be aware of some things before you deal with a car without a title.

The Title Depends On Your State

The first thing you should know the car title your car has. These titles are assigned by the local state government. It is the legal body that handles everything related to these title-related problems. You should visit the nearest local government body if you want to inquire anything about legislation on title changes. The majority of the titles hold some common information regardless of which state they belong to.

  • A lien car has the information on the document which indicates the name of the last person who has paid the tax amount for the car.
  • You can find the vehicle information such as the model, year of manufacture, the owner, and the VIN on the title documents. It also has the number plate added to the title documents so that all relevant information can be found in a single document.
  • The title documents also have the owner’s name and address on the title documents which makes it easier to verify things before and after buying/selling vehicles.

This information can help newer owners know about any past accidents and other related histories.

Types of Car Titles

Following are some of the car titles that you should know about before you start dealing with them.

Clean: everything is okay and structurally sound
Clear: the car-free from any kind of debt
Salvage: the car has been labeled as damaged therefore, it might be harder to get insurance for it.
Reconstructed: the car repaired to retain its safety levels and counts as reconstructed

Things To Look Out For When Dealing With A Car Title

Check The Legislative Status

You should always check if the vehicle you are about to buy is legal or not. You would not want to land into trouble legally so it’s best to consult with your local legislative body. The Department of Vehicle Control can prove to be particularly helpful if you need professional help and guidance. Make sure to visit their website for instant information.

Get the Car Checked By Mechanic

It is important to be double sure and check the car you are about to buy. There are two approaches to this, you can either get the car checked by a mechanic or bring a friend who knows things about cars. They can assist you with confirming if the car you’re about to buy or sell is mechanically sound.

What Should You Do If Your Car Gets Stolen?

Losing a car is one of the worst things that can happen to someone but it can still happen. If you end up in such a situation we suggest taking a deep breath and changing your vehicle as soon as you can. You should also take care of the titles by reporting the theft to the local legislative body and then forfeiting your car title by listing it as stolen.


Working with car titles is essential and fortunately, it is not difficult to handle them. Feel free to access Acres Cash for Cars official website for more insight on car titles and how to make the best out of your car. They can also help you when you want to sell your car for cash as they are skilled at managing this.

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