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Automakers and Their Recurring Failures

November 17, 2021
Automakers And Their Recurring Failures

Automakers and Their Recurring Failures

This article is a breakdown of automotive failures that are common with specific automakers. Hence before a decision regarding a car by a certain automaker, it is important that you inspect for these failures. Also, if you currently one of these then prepare yourself for a chance of experiencing a similar failure.

Common Automotive failures

Making an automobile that has hundreds of components is a very difficult thing to do and that is why manufacturers sometimes fail to provide a car that is a hundred percent without technical issues. Although the failures may be in only some specific cases, they may be seen enough to make a connection between a manufacturer and the fault.

Problems of active fuel management lifters in most General Motors vehicles

General Motors installed an active fuel management cylinder deactivation system; a system designed to reduce the number of cylinders being used in a V8 engine so that fuel could be saved. This system works around a lifter that deactivates four of the eight cylinders, but this lifter is prone to damage and if it is affected to a severe extent then it can damage the engine itself. In some cases, it has also been reported that the damage was so severe that the whole engine had to be replaced.

Rod Bearing issues in Hyundai automobiles

Hyundai vehicles faced the issue of the connecting rod inside the engine. The rod works by transferring the engine’s generated power to the pistons and if there are even minor issues it can cause a great amount of damage. Hyundai automobiles were affected to the extent that some of them had a hole inside the engine. It seems that the problem happened due to a lack of lubrication as there is a lot of friction between the rod and other components. Hyundai provided an extended warranty and recalled issues that faced this issue.

Issue of Nissan’s variable transmission

The continuously variable transmission launched by Nissan in some of their vehicles was faulty. It was designed to reduce fuel consumption, but it was seen that it faced the issue of overheating and shuddering. The overheating was a great problem as it caused power generating issues in the car and customers reported that especially on highways the car lacked power.

Problems of dual-clutch automatic transmission in Ford vehicles

Ford introduced the dual-clutch automatic transition which contains both, the features of an automatic transmission and manual transmission. Issues reported regarding this were mainly bucking and jerking in the drive, slow acceleration, and harsh engagement. These issues can be a reason for car accidents and hence putting the life of the driver and others at risk.

Problems with the cylinder head in Chrysler vehicles

Chrysler introduced its new V6 engine, but it was not as good as it could have been. It had a common issue with the cylinder head. The cylinder head would leak inside the engine and this would cause the performance of the car to decline, added with higher fuel consumption. Some cases reported having to get a new engine installed because of this issue.

Problems with rusted frames in some of Toyota’s vehicles

Toyota one of the biggest manufacturers in the world faced the issue of cars having rustic frames. It was mainly due to the anti-corrosion treatment and its ineffectiveness that caused the frames to rust faster. This issue was highlighted, and Toyota had then agreed to take charge of repairs if they cost more than $15,000.

Valve timing in Mazda’s vehicles

Mazda’s automobiles presented this issue of valve timing. The valve timing issues were sometimes because of a faulty activator or because of a loose timing chain. This also caused noise like rattling. These chains sometimes also came into contact with the engine and in some cases resulting in the engine needing a replacement. Mazda then also gave its customer increased warranty for up to 7 years or 70,000 miles.

Oil dilution problems in Honda’s vehicles

Honda introduced it turbocharged engine that had the direct injection. This direct injection later revealed had issues of its own. Mainly when the oil was injected directly it was already diluted and this diluted oil sometimes leaked in and mixed with engine oil. Since the engine oil is more concentrated when mixed with this oil it caused engine damage and in some cases to an extent where the engine needed replacement. Honda provided an increased warranty to for its models to the customers.

Problem with VANOS in BMW vehicles

The VANOS system introduced by BMW was a system for variable valve timing. This system relies on applying oil pressure to the actuator of the camshaft that which changes the angle of the camshaft. Once the angles changed, the engine can adjust its valve timing. In this also customers reported issues with it and in some cases the engine needing replacement.

Issues with head gaskets in Subaru

Subaru automobiles displayed issues with the head gaskets which resulted in major problems. This gasket is there to prevent the leakage of oil or other fluids, doing so by sealing the cylinders. These faulty gaskets can cause problems as there can be leakages and these leakages are trouble. Replacing them is also an expensive and intense job.


It is important to understand the issue the car has and then see if the repair cost is worth giving or not. Some manufacturers provide longer warranties but those who do not may cause the burden of repair to fall on your pockets. It is important not just to buy cars because of a certain brand because even these vehicles can have issues and also be mentally prepared to face these issues when they happen.

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