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Can you sell a wrecked car?

November 17, 2021
Can You Sell A Wrecked Car

Can you sell a wrecked car?

When it comes to cars that are in bad shape, the best thing you can do is sell a wrecked car. This is true whether you want cash up front or are just looking to rid yourself of an old clunker. However, you should be prepared for the fact that you will not get top dollar for your busted ride. Here are some tips on how to sell a wrecked car.

The first thing you need to do is find a good place for your car to be disposed of. Fortunately, most salvage yards and junk yards accept cars as junk or trash only if they are totally wrecked. If you need cash up front, it might be worth it to sell a wrecked car this way. Otherwise, you could try to find a different place to dispose of it.

The next step is to get in contact with a wrecker who can give you an estimate of how much your car is worth. You may not have to pay top dollar, but it does mean that you will not get a bargain. Instead of using an online price comparison service, you will probably want to contact a local wrecker so that you can tell him exactly what you want for your car. It is also helpful to let the professional know what kind of payment you want in return for your wrecked car. Chances are, if you have been offered a decent price, the professional won’t want to turn down any work.

Next, once you have decided on the price, make sure you have a VIN (vehicle identification number) number to prove that you own the car in question. You can usually get this number from the car insurance company, although it depends on the type of car and wrecker you choose. Once you have the VIN number, you can start contacting auto body shops or wreckers who offer to buy your wrecked car for cash. You should keep a record of the phone number and email address of each shop you speak with, so that you can follow up with them in case they still want your car after paying the price specified by the web site. If any shop doesn’t accept your application, then they are wasting your time.

Before you actually sell the wrecked car, there are a few things you need to consider. For one, you will need to find out what condition the car is in and if it still has potential to be fixed. A badly damaged car that has not been fixed is worth very little, while a car that is still in good shape may be worth more. You will also need to decide whether or not you want to sell it at all, or try to repair it and then sell it. Be aware of the fact that there are many individuals who are willing to pay you a substantial sum of money to fix up a damaged car, so do not be intimidated by the amount of money you might have to pay to fix the car.


If you decide to attempt to fix the car and then sell it, be prepared for the expense of repairs. In some cases, a wrecked car may only need a small repair, such as a loose bolt here or there. If this occurs, you will not incur any labor expenses to make the car run, but you will need to find someone who is willing to purchase the car for the price you’re offering. There are many junkyards and junk yards where wrecked cars are sold. You can usually find out information about them online.

Once you have decided to sell a wrecked car, you must think about how much money you really need to spend to get rid of the vehicle. If you are going to fix the car up and sell it, you will most likely need to invest in new tires, spark plugs, brake fluid, and other items that you think are necessary to get the car running. If you decide to repair the car yourself, you should remember to get the proper tools and equipment. If you are selling the car for parts, you must take into consideration the current condition of the parts before determining a price.

A final question you may have is “How do I make sure my buyers are getting what they are paying for?” One way to ensure your customers receive the value for their money is to have a Carfax report done on their car before they pay you. The Carfax report will tell you what problems the car had before it was sold and if it was repaired. In addition, you should have insurance proof for your car to protect both you and the buyer if there are any accidents while driving the car off the lot.

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