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Difference Between Automotive Salvage Yard And Automotive Scrap Yard

Difference between Automotive Salvage Yard and Automotive Scrap Yard

Everything we own has some kind of value. In this big world of ours, everything is usable and can be sold if you find the right person to sell it. This means that scraps are sold for money as well. Scraps are, in fact, sold for a good amount of money. With many people buying newer models of cars, the old cars are usually abandoned. As they continue to remain non-operational, they soon become non-functional.

Once these cars turn into junk cars, it is too late to sell them to a dealership. Even if you manage to sell that car to a dealership, you will not get a good amount. So, what is the best way to sell a car like this? The answer is contacting a junkyard. Now, there are two places known as automotive salvage yards and automotive scrap yards. People often tend to confuse them, but they are two different places to sell a junk car. Once you know the difference, you can know which one is the best place to sell your vehicle.

Automotive Salvage Yard

This is a place that deals with selling automotive parts and buying your scrap or junk car. It could be that your car still works but is of no use for you anymore. In this scenario, drive your car to a junkyard and get a good deal. Another scenario is that your car stops working completely. Even in this case, you can sell your car to a junkyard. They have towing services that will pick the car right from your house. Some salvage yards like acres cash for cars offer free towing services, while others may have a specific fee for towing services.

When you sell your car to a salvage yard, they will examine it entirely and carefully. After it, they will take out the functional parts and prepare to resell them. They will also make use of the parts that are damaged but can be repaired. The repaired parts are also put up for resale. Any person looking to buy a spare car part can enter a junkyard, search for themselves, and make a purchase. It is a common perception that one cannot find perfectly working parts in salvage yards. However, it is not true. All you need to do is have good examination skills. This way you can make a good deal.

Salvage yards can resell even the tiniest bits of cars such as antifreeze fluids, oils, and etc.

Automotive Scrap Yards

It is similar yet different to salvage yards. They only deal in scrap metal of cars, unlike the salvage yards that also deal in other car parts. If you are going to a scrap yard for your junk car, chances are they will offer the deal as per the metal in the car. The more metal components your car has, the more money you can get by selling your car.

The scrap yards weigh the metal first and offer the money as per the weight of that metal. In scrap junkyards, you can sell other appliances as well, which contain metal. Do note that different metals like copper, zinc, or aluminum, will have different prices.

These scrap yards do not keep the metal to themselves. Instead, they resell it to industries that recycle metal. However, before reselling the metal, they reshape it to one specific shape.

The metal sold to the salvage yard is sold to the scrapyard by the salvage yard.

Where to Sell the Junk Car?

Out of these two, the better option is to contact a salvage yard when selling a junk car. Why must you think? Well, salvage yards will examine your entire car. They will put an excellent value on your car because there must be parts in your car that can still be used. However, if you contact a junkyard, they will offer you money only for the metal part.

So, the best way to sell a car online or in-person is to contact a junk salvage yard. Acres Cash For Cars is among the top junkyards that can provide a hefty sum for your scrap car. Contact us for more information!

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