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Donate My Car Or Sell It To A Junkyard Which Is Better

Donate My Car Or Sell It To A Junkyard, Which Is Better?

If you are one of those thousand customers who have a junk car right outside their homes rotting around then the best thing to do is get rid of your junk car as soon as possible. You might be surprised to know that there are more than one ways to get rid of your junk car. For starters, you can approach a professional car removal service like Acres Cash for Cars and get the best deals out of your junk car as they are known for buying scrap metal. They not only remove cars from the designated spots but pay you a good price before dismantling your car. These companies are found all around the city and you can use them to get your hands off that old, rusty vehicle.

Another approach to deal with your junk car is to reach out to a worthy charity and donate your car. We understand that the idea feels terrible, to begin with, but it is not that bad. Most of the junk cars sell off between the price range of $300-$500 depending on the condition and the amount of reusable metal present inside the car. However, people are mostly at a split regarding which approach is best to deal with a junkyard car. We, at Acres Cash for Cars, have put together a guide that might help you decide between these two options.

Donating VS Selling

We have already discussed the difference between selling your car to a Junkyard or giving it off in charity to the ones in need.

Perks Of Donating

The first thing you should consider is that an amount up to $500 is not a big deal for most car owners. You will spend that $500 within a few days. However, that amount is significant for charities because a large part of their funding comes from these kinds of charity acts. You could help a needy group of people in an impactful manner if you donate your junk car to these charities.

Benefits of Junk Car Selling

Since we have already discussed the case of charity, it is now important to take a look at the perks of selling your junk car to a Junkyard company.

Free Junk Car Removal

One of the most agonizing things about junk cars is getting rid of them. These cars mostly sit around and take up valuable parking space. Most people do not get rid of their junk cars because they do not want to invest in car removal. Fortunately, reaching out to a professional service like Acres Cash for Cars might just be the thing you need. Services like these will reach your designated location and remove your car within a few minutes. The best part is that these services are complimentary with the junkyard deal and you will not have to pay anything extra for them

A Good Amount

You can get your hands on a pretty good amount if you deal with a reliable service. You can get up to 600 dollars if you know that your car is worth it. You can come to a mutual agreement with these companies and make the most out of your junk car deals. The amount you receive can be used in an important errand, a good family meal, an outing, or anything that your heart desires.

Cash Payment

Since we are talking about money, it is important to mention that all the payments done with junkyard removal services are in cash. Meaning, that you will be paid hard cash instantly after your deal. You will not have to worry or be in ambiguity in this regard.

Buying New Car

The extra money from the Junkyard deal might help you go for a better car option and make the right use of your money. You can make most of your car deals by browsing through potential vehicles in your price range which will be making buying your car easier and better.


With that said, you can always donate your car for charity; but we suggest that selling your car off to a professional service like Acres Cash for Cars, might just be what you need when it comes to selling scrap metal. These services will help you get rid of your junk car in no time and make the most out of your car deal.

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