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Effective Ways To Make Your Car Safer

August 12, 2021
Effective Ways To Make Your Car Safer

Effective Ways To Make Your Car Safer

A lot of your time and money is invested in your car, along with the timely repairs and maintenance. People hesitate to buy a shiny new vehicle because they understand that an expensive car has more chances of being stolen.

Car thief is a rising issue that has left car owners with doubt on whether they should even buy a new car or not. Car thieves are now more advanced, as they use hi-tech gadgets and non-invasive techniques.

Vehicle owners need to take some security measures in their cars to minimize the chances of becoming victims of car theft. Hence, here are some ways you can add extra security to your car that will protect your car from being stolen.

  • Keep hold of your car key:

This might sound a bit obvious, but if a thief gets his hand on your car keys, it’s probably an easy and quick way for him to steal your car. It’s essential to keep your car keys out of sight, even your spare keys.

Most people ignore this security precaution when they need to make a quick stop at the gas station or any shop. Getting a hold of your car keys can enable the car thief to escape with your car without triggering any alarm quickly.

  • Secure your possessions:

It’s never a good idea to leave your valuable possessions in the car, such as a wallet, laptop, handbag, cell phone, or other expensive equipment. Seeing valuable items on the passenger seat or your car’s dashboard will attract car thieves along with minor criminals.

Some criminals might only try to steal your stuff, while others would look to steal the whole car. You need to hide or take your stuff with you before you exit your car. Whenever you park your car, it is advised that you take your valuables along with you that might attract any thief.

Taking your stuff with you might not be possible all the time, like when you are away from your home. Therefore you can lock your possessions in a trunk or hide them in places where your stuff isn’t easily visible. You can hide them under the seats or lock them in any compartment.

  • Installing a car alarm system:

Car alarm systems work as theft detection systems designed to alert individuals if any non-authorized person tries to temper with the car. Car alarm systems stay active at all times, which is why they are an excellent security measure.

There are more advanced alarm systems available that provide additional features such as smartphone notifications. This feature provides security updates on your phone every time an unusual activity is detected.

It’s a better choice to choose the alarm system with mobile phone notifications because false alarms are standard for people. People have become familiar with false car alarms that it is now part of the daily buzz.

Many modern vehicles come with a built-in alarm system to keep your car secure, but you need to install one for the old cars, as they don’t come with a factory-installed system. Anyhow it is recommended to install a high-quality alarm system for better security.

  • Steering wheel lock:

A steering wheel lock system is one of the accessible ways to protect your car from car thieves and burglars. Steering locks come in bright colors that can be easily visible and can discourage potential thieves.

The purpose of the steering lock is to prevent the movement of the steering wheel along with car thieves from stealing your car.


A car is a considerable investment, and the last thing you want is for it to be stolen. Thus the tips, as mentioned above, will help you secure your car from an auto-thief. Your car needs to be secure and protected, and if your car is not capable of installing security features. It’s best to sell it. However, if you wonder who buys used cars near me? Acres Cash For Cars is the best place for you.

Acres auto is a reliable scrap dealer where you can get a reasonable cash price for your car without consuming your time and effort.

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