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How Does A Scrapyard Process Recycling Of A Car?

August 14, 2021
How Does A Scrapyard Process Recycling Of A Car

How Does A Scrapyard Process Recycling Of A Car?

When you own a car for a long time and don’t use it, there will be a point when it becomes a liability. Therefore the best option is to sell your car to a scrapyard. Selling your car to a junkyard is one of the fastest ways to earn cash.

When you own a rusty old car, it is better to sell it instead of spending money on repairs. Scrapyards buy cars that can be recycled and resold. The metal recycling industry is the 16th largest industry in the USA. Along with contributing $25 billion to the GDP every year, it is a way to keep the environment safe and clean.

Nevertheless, before selling your car to a scrap dealer, it is essential to collect all the required documents for selling a vehicle. You must have all the needed documents. Otherwise, the buyer would have no way of knowing the actual owner of the vehicle. Thus you need to make sure that you sell a junk car with a title.

Recycling includes a car going through several processes once the car is sold at a scrapyard. No matter the condition of your car, there must be some valuable parts that can be resold. Here is the process of recycling explained.

  • Inspection:

Once the car reaches its last stages, car owners may sell it to a scrapyard, where the car can be recycled and sold. When the car reaches the scrapyard, it is thoroughly inspected. It may be inspected to see whether it’s valuable to repair the car or to recycle it.

After thoroughly inspecting the vehicle, the scrapyard proceeds with dismantling and recycling if the repair looks unprofitable. Repairing a car isn’t something that would occur quite often, as the cars sold are in rough condition. Approximately 90% of the cars in a junkyard are recycled.

  • Removing toxic fluids and Dismantling:

In a scrapyard, the first course of action is to carefully remove all fluids from the vehicle that include oil, gas, brake oil, antifreeze, battery fluids, and other liquids. It’s crucial to remove the fluids carefully, as most of them are harmful to the environment. Whereas gas and oil can be refined to be reused.

Once all the car’s fluids are safely removed, transmission and engine are dismantled along with other usable parts. After the parts are removed, they are cleaned and recycled, while other components such as batteries and tires.

  • Selling auto parts:

Some parts may be reusable for recycling, while others are sold to automobile remanufacturers. The scrapyard can sell these parts via dedicated used parts sales companies or directly to the market.

Most people who own vintage cars buy used parts because it is difficult to find a replacement component of a vintage model. Most of the cars in a junkyard are too old and serve as recycled parts for vintage cars.

  • Crushing:

A junk car contains several metals, including iron, steel, and aluminum. After all the iron and steel parts are removed to be stored or sold, all that remains is the car’s body. The car body is composed of multiple metals, but most of it is aluminum.

The metal body is shredded and crushed into a cube or flat chunk of metal. The metal cube is roughly the size of a microwave oven.


Scrapping a junk car is a far better option rather than dumping it in a landfill. A scrapyard isn’t only a way of earning quick cash but also a way of playing a part in making the environment safe. Recycling provides products for low cost and decreases manufacturing of new materials that are an eco-friendly production method.

You can sell junk cars to a reputable scrap dealer for cash. If you are having trouble finding a scrapyard for you, Acres Cash For Cars is the right one. Acres Cash For Cars is a well-known and reliable scrap dealer where we try our best to provide you with quality services, convenience, and satisfaction.

Doing business with a trusted service provider allows you to save time and effort and get good benefits.

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