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How To Sell My Scrapcar During Covid

How To Sell My Scrap Car During Covid-19

Scrap metal can be an asset if you use it in the right way. If you have a vehicle like a car or a truck that isn’t in your use and won’t be anytime soon then we suggest taking it to the scrap yard. You can find tons of services that will help you with your scrap car removal. Out of these services, Acres Cash for Cars is one of the top companies for helping people out with their scrap cars. They will not only collect your car from your designated spot but also provide you with a good price for your vehicle. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to sell a wrecked car too because things have become tougher during the pandemic.

Therefore, we have compiled a few tips that might help you sell your scrap car during Covid-19. Our team has compiled this list to guide you through the whole process so that you can get rid of your scrap car in no time.

How To Sell Your Scrap Car

Following are some of the tips that you should consider if you want to sell your scrap car amid a pandemic:

Do Your Research

The first thing you should do is research a bit. It is important to look around and gather information because selling scrap metal can be beneficial or useless for you depending on your approach. We suggest surveying the metal market and inquiring what your car might be worth. You may find a better price for it if you take some time out to do this. Researching will also help you save yourself from getting ripped off by sellers so do consider it.

Check If Your Car Is Drivable

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is that not all scrap cars sell the same. If you have an old rusty car but it still works then you might get a better price for it. Working cars sell for a much higher price than one that does not. The scrapyard will render your engine useless and then crush and shred your car when they hand you your payment.

Sell Your Vehicle

There is another approach if you want to make some extra bucks with your scrap vehicle. If you are unable to get a good price for your scrap vehicle then you can always sell it separately. Doing so will help you get the best price for each part instead of getting a bulk quotation.

This process might be longer and a bit more complex but you will surely get extra money with it. You can also reach out to a reputable company like Acres Cash for Cars if you do not want to go through all that trouble and get a good price for your vehicle at the same time.

Keep A 10% Margin

Another important thing to keep in mind is to be smart while negotiating your car price. An easy way to do this is to keep an estimated price in your mind. You should always demand 10% more of your estimated price so that you can save money. Keeping the 10% margin will help you make things easier because you will be able to save money even after the negotiation this way and things will stay on your side of the rope.

Choose From Various Offers

It is important to be vigilant when you sell your scrap car because you will come across multiple appealing offers. However, you should consider the fact that not all these offers are real and someone could actually scam you. Keep an eye on the various offers that you can get so that you can choose the one which is best in your interest.

Deal With Professionals Only

You should keep in mind that there is no going back once you have sold your vehicle therefore it is crucial to deal with professionals. We also suggest dealing with professionals like Acres Cash for Cars if you want to get the most benefit from your old rusty cars. These professionals will not only help you remove your cars but also offer you a price better than the market.


We hope that you understand that selling your scrap cars isn’t difficult even in the pandemic if you handle things smartly. We suggest following these tips and you will get rid of your old scrap cars in no time. You can also reach out to Acres Cash for Cars and because we buy your cars for the best prices.

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