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Warning Signs With Private Junk Car Buyers

November 17, 2021
Warning Signs With Private Junk Car Buyers

Warning Signs With Private Junk Car Buyers

Selling your car privately without any third-party involvement can be rather time-consuming, risky, and complicated. From searching for a buyer to taking care of the paperwork, with negotiation in between, it can get overwhelming. With all the drawbacks, the best part about selling it privately is that the entire profit is yours. You will surely make more money if you deal privately as compared to do with a company or through a dealer.

Keeping all the risks in mind, there are certain things you should be careful about while dealing with private junk car buyers in NJ.

1- Mode Of Payment

Cash is the most secure mode of payment when dealing with strangers. In cases where the buyers present you with cheques or money orders, do not let them take your car before you have made sure that the cheques are authentic. You don’t want to be left with a bounced cheque meaning no money in your account and lose your car as well. You can also check with the bank instead of waiting for the money to clear. Be wary of all sorts of fraudulent activities that you can get caught in the middle of.

2-  Paperwork And Registration 

Taking care of the paperwork can prove to be a bit of a hassle. It can be extremely tedious and you might even consider not going through with it but remember that it is really important to deal with paperwork and registration. Buyers might offer to take care of it for you and it might sound tempting but don’t fall for that. If it is not taken care of properly, you will still be accountable for all the liabilities and taxes.

3- Inadequate Reviews

Buying and selling business has a lot to do with the reviews. They tell you about the credibility of a buyer and help you make a decision with much ease. If a potential buyer comes with a lot of bad reviews, dealing with them is not worth it even if you feel attracted to the deal that they offer you. If you are dealing through a website, beware if you don’t come across their past history as it could be the sign of a scam. Stay away from all these red flags to save yourself from the horrors of a fraud.

4- In-Person Buying

If a buyer says that we buy your cars and are okay without meeting you or checking the car in person first, chances are they are planning to pull a scam on you. They might even use fake means of payment so that you don’t suspect anything suspicious. Everyone wants to check out something they plan on buying and if someone does not mind buying it without even seeing it, it’s quite clear something is not right.

5- Towing At Odd Hours

You might come across some buyers who would want to send a towing truck at odd hours. The driver might even use a previously cashed cheque or a fraud pay order to make you think it’s all legitimate. Another case could be the buyer offering to pay you the next day during business hours. Do not fall for any of that. It is a business deal and should be dealt with as such. Dealing after business hours should raise enough suspicion to make you not go through with the deal.

6- Online Scams

Most of the scams these days take place online. You have no definite means of tracking a person when you get connected with them through a website or a social media app. Make sure to meet them in person first and have enough security before you decide to sell them your vehicle. Take their proper identification, location,  and a few references if possible. Be very cautious when dealing with people online.

If you are sure that you can go through this tiresome process while keeping tabs on everything, you can go through with selling your car privately. If you feel like this might be too much for you to handle, you always have the option to connect with a reliable junk car selling company. Acres cash for cars can prove to be just the kind of service that you need for yourself.

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