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What Are The Most Valuable Scrap Car Parts?

August 11, 2021
What Are The Most Valuable Scrap Car Parts

What Are The Most Valuable Scrap Car Parts?

The average life of a car in the US is estimated to be 12 years, and driving a car that is a decade old isn’t a safe option. If your care is a decade old, there might be some performance issues. An old car is expensive to maintain, which in the long-term costs more.

Driving a car that is old, unsafe, and unreliable is not practical if you own an old vehicle, it’s best to consider selling it. If you are wondering where to sell a junk car in NJ? It is a common question that most people have, and the answer to this is a scrapyard. A scrapyard such as Acres Cash For Cars can help you sell your car for good cash.

Your car may be old or incapable of being road-worthy but still might have valuable components. You can sell the parts of your car separately, which might give you some extra money to pay the down payment for your new car.

You can either sell your car to a scrap dealer, or you can sell its parts separately. If your car has working parts, they can be sold in the market as well; nevertheless, if you are thinking of selling your car components separately. Here are some of the valuable scrapable parts that you should know about.

  • The Engine:

The engine is the most valuable component of the car. Replacing the engine of a car can prove to be a hefty expense. This is why so many vehicle owners turn to the secondhand market to find used engines.

Buying a new engine is not an option because of its availability and price. Thus the only way to replace your engine is by buying a used one. Scrapyards clean, repair or recycle the engine so that they can sell it in the market.

You can find people looking for a used engine easily. Anyhow, if your car has a running engine, it might be an easy sell for you. Even if your car’s engine doesn’t work, you can still sell it to a scrap dealer for a reasonable price. The engine can be repaired or scrapped for aluminum which is more valuable than steel.

  • Transmission:

The transmission system can be defined as the system that transmits the energy from the engine to the car’s wheels. Transmission systems are considered a valuable component of a car, as it regulates the car’s energy to ensure that it doesn’t go too fast.

The transmission system can help you earn a good amount. If your transmission system is still repairable, you might get a good offer from parts buyers. In any case, if you are trying to avoid the bargaining or extra effort, a scrap yard will also pay you good money for separately selling a transmission system.

  • GPS:

Even though most people use their smartphone as GPS, a GPS is still a valuable component of your car. Selling your GPS makes you a couple of hundred bucks, and selling it along with your car will probably boost the value of your car.

  • Catalytic Converter:

A catalytic converter aims to reduce the harmfulness of vehicle emissions by minimizing the number of pollutants that a vehicle produces, which is why these devices are such a valuable component of a car.

A catalytic converter helps in reducing harmful gasses such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxide. This device is recommended for all cars as it is a way to reduce pollution and keep the environment safe.

With the converters being such an everyday use component are easy to sell. Thus you can sell it individually to a parts buyer or at the scrapyard, where you will get good cash for it.


Your car may become a liability to you if you use it for a long time, as it might become unsafe or unreliable. Even at that point, you can earn good cash for it when you sell a junk car for cash in NJ. Hence, if you are unaware of a good place to sell car parts or a junk car, Acres Cash For Cars is right.

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