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What Happens in a Junk Yard?

July 5, 2021
What Happens In A Junk Yard

What Happens in a Junk Yard?

As a human, we are always curious. Be it about a very small thing or a major one. We always want to get to the very base of anything. This is the reason our world is where it is today. We have advanced in many fields we could not imagine a few hundred years ago. How was this possible? Just because of curiosity and the will to do something bigger and better.

This curiosity does not leave us even in very small matters as well. Such as the question “what happens in a junkyard?”.  It is quite a common concern or interest among car lovers or those interested in recycling. Well, the junkyard looks extremely chaotic and happening. These looks still don’t define or tell what goes in the junkyard. So, let’s get on to it one by one of what happens to the cars once they end up in a junkyard.

Exclusion of the Car Number – There is a term known as EOL vehicle. EOL vehicle is an end-of-life vehicle that means it is of no use anymore in any way. Vehicle’s end of life could be due to reasons such as vehicle naturally completing its life, or by severe accidents like fire, flood, land sliding, etc. There is a number associated with EOL vehicles. Once your vehicle enters a junkyard, this number is excluded from the DMV (department of motor vehicles) system. This step ensures that the vehicle will not be sold, purchased, or even fixed without the person at the other end being aware that it’s an EOL vehicle.

Recycling – Here comes the main purpose of junkyards that is, recycling. In our world today, recycling saves the earth and the environment from a lot of damage. You may wonder how? Well, many materials will produce different kinds of toxins if simply disposed of around the earth, in the ocean, or burned. “Many materials” of this kind include our cars. They are harmful to be disposed of without any regard for the amount of metal they have. That is why junkyard provides a proper place where the recycling process of cars could start. The first step in recycling is de-pollution. Every car is depolluted and then checked for its useful parts. We will get onto what happens to the useful parts. Recycling cars help in keeping a large amount of steel, almost 11 million tons, and in the same way a huge amount of non-ferrous metal out of the landfills. Instead, all this steel and metal is brought back into use. The gathered steel is then sold to the processors of steel. They use this steel to make different useful products. From all the steel used in the world today, now 25% is from recycled metal.

About the Useful Parts – When you take your car to a junkyard, it means the car is not useful to you anymore in any way. However, junkyard people can find useful materials in the cars they get no matter how small it is. Acres auto has the same ability. When the car is there, it is scanned thoroughly. There are two reasons to scan it, first as mentioned above while second is to look for any material that can be reused again. This material is taken out from the car, goes through a service, and then is ready to be resold. Customers of such parts are those who want to bring improvement in their old car, don’t have the expenses to afford completely new material, or those who might want to buy in a bulk.

There is one more way to go with useful parts and that is letting the owners decide what they want to do with the parts. In this case, owners of junk cars are given the option to take out whatever part of the car they might find useful and then owners keep it or sell it.

Now, if you are still wondering “where to sell my car near me?” then this blog can be the answer. A junkyard is the best possible place to finally end your car for good. It is better this way for both, environment and you.

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