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Whats The Difference Between Scrapers And Wreckers

What’s the Difference Between Scrapers and Wreckers?

The automobile manufacturing industry is the largest in the world, as people buy new cars with the release of new models each year. With new innovations to stop pollution and global warming, the automobile industry is progressing to new heights.

Buying new cars is fun but selling the old ones can sometimes become a challenge. Especially when you wish to replace an old junk car and this is where wreckers and scrappers can help you get rid of any unwanted car.

Most individuals don’t know the difference between scrappers and wreckers or their purpose. Hence they just dump their cars on landfills but that’s not an option anymore because most landfills refuse to keep old cars. The reason behind not keeping cars in landfills is because cars contain toxic fluids that can harm the environment if leaked.


Scrap yards are a huge industry, as they profit by completely scrapping your car and selling the metals. Scrappers aim at aluminum, stainless steel, nickel. Brass, copper, and other metals. Scrappers dismantle and extract every metal part in the car that is sold to big scrap dealers and metal industries.

You might receive less cash for junk cars when you sell to a scrapyard because their main focus is the metal inside of them. For instance, you can’t expect to get a better offer if you tell the scrapper that your car has all original parts because that’s not their concern, as they are getting the same amount of metals anyway.

Doing business with scrappers is only profitable when you have a ruined junk car catching rust and dust all over. Such a car only has usable metal and you will get a fair price for it on a scrapyard than anyplace else.


Wreckers are slightly different from scrappers, as they make their profit by dismantling, recycling, and selling reusable spare parts. Wrecking yards focus mainly on used parts that can be sold for a good price.

You can get more cash when you sell a wrecked car to wrecking yards. In conditions such as you tell that your car has original parts can get an even better price, as wrecking yards can utilize those original parts to recycle and resale at a higher price.

If you are looking to sell junk cars wrecking yards are [probably the best option for you where you can get better cash for a used car. Having a vintage car or something that has all its original parts is just a good way to get a better cash price from wreckers.

How do I decide between scrapyards and wrecking yards?

Scrap yards, wrecking yards, and junkyards may sound the same to some people but have significant differences. Deciding on whether to sell our car to a scrap dealer or a wrecker can be tough at times.

The decision depends upon the condition of your car. If your car is dusty, old and completely totaled, you should probably take it to a scrap yard but if your car is old and having original parts. The best option is to bring it over to a reliable wrecking yard.

What’s the most reliable place to sell my junk car?

Looking to sell your junk car for extra cash but are unaware of any scrap or wrecking yards/

There’s no need to worry because “Acres Cash for Cars” can help you earn quick cash, as we are a reputable company that leaves no loose ends when it comes to the quality of service. Here at Acres Cash for Cars customer convenience and satisfaction is worth more than anything.

If you want to sell your junk car, you shouldn’t have to worry about dragging it to your nearest scrap yard or wrecking yard because we provide free-of-cost towing services. We don’t want your money or effort to be wasted.

By selling your junk here, you not only get the best reasonable prices but you also get to fulfill your role in keeping the environment safe and clean. We promote an eco-friendly lifestyle by recycling car parts and accessories, this process avoids the need to manufacture so much as before causing a significant decrease in pollution.

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