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Why Does Your Engine Making A Sound While Accelerating?

November 17, 2021
Why Does Your Engine Making A Sound While Accelerating

Why Does Your Engine Making A Sound While Accelerating?

If you are tired of your car making a loud and horrendous sound, rather than thinking, “How can I Junk my car?”, you should investigate why is it happening. Usually, car engines are responsible for making unusual noises, however, problems in the belt, low oil level, and bearings also significantly contribute to production.

The reason why most people are eager to sell their car as soon it starts to make noise is because auto repairs in the country are painfully expensive.

Nevertheless, one must never overlook the sudden noise and smell production from their vehicles. That is because the noise and smell indicate an internal issue and although sometimes the issues are trivial, there are occasions when the noise production indicates major problems with your car. Therefore, rather than speculating the gravity of the problem yourself, you should take your car to a professional mechanic and get it thoroughly inspected.

In this blog, we would walk you through all the potential reasons that might be causing your car engine to roar, Furthermore, we would also talk about the solutions that could help you effectively resolve the issue.

Why does your engine make a loud noise during acceleration?

Like every tangible object in the world, vehicles are not designed to stay with you all the time. Therefore, one must always be prepared for a point where they would require immediate solution and attention. That is why vehicles would start giving the symptoms, so you could take care of the problem before it begins or reaches its full potential.

A car owner must always keep reminding themselves that, despite being the important component of their car, a car engine also comes with a certain lifespan.  Once the car engine crosses or completes its lifetime, it is time for you to either get it repaired or entirely replaced.

Thereby, one must be very cautious of the sounds coming from their engine. If your car has started to sing a different kind of lullaby everytime you accelerate, take it as a serious indication of an underlying problem.

Since not every car issue is the same, there are many different types of noises produced by car engines. So, let’s take a peek at some of the common types of noises that you might hear instantly after accelerating.

  • Squeaking or Squealing

The squealing or squeaking noise is very commonplace and most of the time it is produced by cars with a malfunctioned belts.

The engine belt usually sits idly on some pulleys, but if the police or the belt itself gets worn down, your car would start producing squeaking noises. That happens because the belt of your engine is not running smoothly over the pulleys. 

  • Engine knocking

Another noise that drivers usually complain about is the knocking sound. If you are also experiencing the same, they should get your engine bearings checked.

The engine of your car is placed over a set of bearings, so if your car bearings get worn out, you would start hearing unusual knocking sounds. The reason why engine bearings get worn out or damaged is usually that you have not driven your car in a very long.

Dealing with engine bearings is not a simple task, it involves many layers of complication. Therefore rather than taking the stake and causing more damage by checking the problem yourself, you should immediately get your car checked professionally the instant you hear any knocking sound. 

  • Loud noise 

There are times when your vehicle is not creating any specific sort of sound, but it is just being unusually loud. If you observe that your car has started to suddenly produce very loud noises, you might organically think as though there is something up with the engine of the car. However, this not necessarily the case, as most of the time loud noises are because of the muffler.

Oftentimes, muffler issues do not lead to extremely serious issues, but it does not mean that you should keep ignoring the loud voices and continue driving your car without a care.  If you want your car to be with you for a longer period, you should get its muffler fixed every time you are indicated to do that. 

  • Grinding engine

Every vehicle requires a certain amount of oil to prevent internal friction and overheating that could be caused by mobile car parts. If there is a lack of sufficient lubrication, the car starts producing a grinding sound. Therefore if you think that noise coming from your car sounds like two things are grinding into each other, you should take it as your pleading to lubricate its components.

Every vehicle comes with well-lubricated parts, but with time the internal engine oil starts to drop. As a result, grinding noise starts to permeate your car engine.

Advanced vehicles are coming with installed sensors, therefore every time the oil level drops, you would be notified on your dashboard. However, the older vehicles or the ones with broken sensors need proper lubrication, or else you would be putting up with ugly grinding noises and eventually a damaged engine. =

Is it worthwhile to fix the engine if it is producing noises?

Since noise production is an indication of a problem, the gravity of the problem determines if it is worthwhile to get your engine fixed.

For instance, if your production is coming from your otherwise fine car, you should get your car analyzed. If the problem is acute, you would need to get your car repaired immediately.

However, if the problem is quite severe, you should take a step back and analyze the situation, because sometimes car repairing could cost an unreasonable amount of money.

Calculate the total cost of repair and then compare it with the overall value of your car. If the repairing is costing you nearly 75% percent of the cost or beyond it, you should not get it repaired for it is not worth it. To sell, the car and use the payment to purchase a better car.

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