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All You Need To Know About Transmission Repair Costs

November 17, 2021
All You Need To Know About Transmission Repair Costs

All You Need To Know About Transmission Repair Costs

An average quality car these days offers around 200,000 to 300,000 miles. If you translate these miles into years, it makes up around 12 years. This is the longest duration ever recorded for cars in the US. If you also own a car that has been serving you for some years, and you’re wondering how much more you can rely on it, know that this will depend on what components of your car are coming towards the end of their life.

Speaking of car parts, if the problem is a failed transmission, brace yourself for shelling out thousands of dollars. Ever wondered what costs you will incur if you choose to get your car transmission replaced? Is there any option of getting it repaired or part replacement? Having sufficient knowledge about car parts and their repair is important as you’ll learn that replacing a transmission might not be the right thing to do in certain circumstances.

Here we have compiled some facts that will help you figure out if replacing the transmission is the right choice or is it wiser to sell your junk carRead on to learn the important stuff.

Factors That Can Increase Your transmission-related Costs

Transmission systems are made of many parts making them quite complex. You’d be surprised to know how many moving parts play their role in making the transmission operate. Clutch packs, output shafts, planetary gear, and the list goes on. Moreover, the primary components are also made up of several other parts.

The primary reason why transmissions are super expensive is because of the rich profusion of parts they are made of. This also makes transmission one of the most important and valuable parts in a car, which is why they are so easily scrapped.

Having said that, the repair and replacement costs for transmission are very hefty, and that’s not it, there are a plethora of other factors that further rack up the costs. To give you a simple idea; the car’s model, make and year is some of the factors, but there’s a lot more than this. For instance:

  1. Age Of The Car

It goes without saying that finding spare parts for cars that are too old is difficult. The automobile market is seeing immense growth and with so many new models coming out each year, the automobile parts market also keeps updating. On that note, it’ll be very hard to find replacement parts for a rare, old car. If you luckily do find a part, know that the mechanic will charge a premium fee for it. Therefore, you’ll end up spending a lot of money and wasting a significant amount of time as well in hunting for those parts.

  1. Manufacturer

Costs for replacement and repair of part also majorly depend on which company has manufactured the car in question. If for instance, it is a domestic brand, a car made in the US, you can expect to have lower costs on the transmission and other parts. However, if your car is from a foreign company or is imported, you will incur a very high cost in getting your car transmission replaced or repaired.

  1. Manual Vs Automatic

Costs for manual and automatic transmissions differ. The transmission system for automatic vehicles is very sophisticated and complicated and therefore it’s expensive. Conversely, a manual transmission is reasonably priced.

  1. Severity Of The Issue In The Transmission

Just like any other component, the extent of damage your transmission has suffered will also have its impact on the overall costs. If you failed to maintain your transmission by not following the recommended oil change timeline, the engine will go through a lot and ultimately get damaged. This damaged clunker will cost a lot more.

  1. Your Location

Driving in certain locations can be more expensive as compared to others. To put this into perspective, the average spending any car owner had to make in New York was noted around $19000 in the year 2018. This higher cost is due to traffic congestions, parking issues, and similar other factors. All these factors can also have their toll on the car’s components, which includes transmission.

This is why your own location also has an impact on how much you will be spending on transmission replacement and repair. If you’re residing in a place that has higher living costs, you should expect to pay more.

Who Does The Repair And Replacement?

If you’re looking to drive your costs down, the best way is to find parts for repair or replacement yourself. However, if you want to save yourself from this hassle, and you choose to go to a repair shop, you will see different prices depending on who is repairing your car. If the mechanic you’re dealing with is very popular and reputable, they will definitely charge a higher amount from you.

Costs Of Transmission-Relevant Parts

  1. Transmission Fluid Flush

Although transmission fluids aren’t too expensive, if you own a very flashy car, like a Lamborghini Diablo, you will end up splashing out $766 for the fluid. On the other hand, if you own a simple vehicle, you can expect to pay around $75 to $150 on transmission fluids.

  1. Transmission Leaks

Transmission leaks repairs aren’t too expensive usually. They can cost you around $150 to $200. However, if this leak has damaged the front seal, the costs can go up.

  1. Shift Solenoid Replacement

Shift solenoids can rack up the costs. This single component costs around $100. If you include labor costs in the equation, you should expect a bill of around $300 to $400. Therefore, the more solenoids you need to replace, the more price you will incur.

This in-depth look explains to us that transmission replacements can be very costly. Bottom line is, it is very pricy, and you should not invest so much of your time and money in this. This is where junk car removal companies can come in handy. Feel free to catch up with Acres Cash For Cars and get top dollars in return for your unwanted chunk of metal.

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