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Surprising Facts and Statistics About Scrap Cars

November 17, 2021

Surprising Facts and Statistics About Scrap Cars

Car scrapping industry has seen immense growth over the past few years. This industry is growing all across the world as people are getting more inclined towards the purchase of new cars. All the renowned car manufacturers across the globe are introducing super-amazing vehicles equipped with all good features and comfort.

Fortunately, since there has been a rise in the number of automobile makers, the prices of new cars have become quite accessible for the vast majority of people, due to which they are selling old cars more frequently. Millions of old vehicles are taken off the road mainly because they are unwanted and also because they aren’t safe to be used on roads. The only appropriate way to deal with these old, obsolete, and unwanted vehicles is to dispose them of and recycle them in a way that is suitable for the environment.

That being said, there’s still a significant number of people owning old vehicles who aren’t aware about what they can do with their scrap assets. A lot of people just purchase a new car while still keeping the old one because they are unable to sell it off. This results in over occupation of space in the house. Some people also exercise the option of selling or donating their cars to their friends or relatives who need it. If you also happen to own an old car, and you’re looking for ways to sell your junk caryou’ll know that finding a buyer for a worn-out car is a hard struggle.

This is when junk car companies can be used. These scrap car companies buy junk cars for which you can’t find any buyer. Goes without saying that a completely wrecked vehicle won’t be of any use to anyone. So, if you find yourself stuck with such an obsolete piece, your best way out is to get in touch with a car scrapping company. They will tow the vehicle from your place, take it to their junkyard, and then use advanced machineries to recycle the components of the car so that they can be used in other areas.

The car recycling process has proven to be a very successful thing for the automobile industry as well as for individual mechanics. Individual mechanics and car workshop owners make good profits from this because any junk car will definitely have some working components that can be used in other cars.

The car recycling industry has a thousands of people working in all parts of the world, which also includes mechanics. These workers handle millions of junk cars taken by junk car companies. This results in tones and tones of recycled material produced each year.

Here we have compiled some interesting facts and statistics that every workshop owner and individual mechanic must know about scrap cars.

  1. More than 25 Million cars Are Recycled Every Year

According to several research and studies, there are more than 25 million cars bought by scrap car companies every year that are recycled. These vehicles have been completely depreciated. This figure keeps on increasing because automobile manufacturers keep on introducing new models, attracting people to buy new ones and getting rid of their oldies.

CNBC states that around 17 million new cars were sold in the US in 2019 alone, whereas around 77.5 million passenger cars were sold around the world in the same year. The data proves that cars scrapped for the purpose of recycling represents more than a third of all new cars sold around the world. Also, more cars are scrapped and recycled in the whole world as compared to the cars sold.

Moreover, other pieces of research shows that cars being recycled every year is responsible for producing around 25 million tons of material, which also includes steel that can be used to make 12-13 million new cars.

  1. Scrapping Cars Provides Used Car Parts That Are 80% Cheaper Than New

The Balance has stated that automotive scrappers supply the auto parts market with car parts that are almost 80% cheaper as compared to new parts.

For any mechanic, it is highly important to have their clients satisfied and that is only possible by providing good quality service, products, and more importantly, sell at a very reasonable price. Selling second hand parts of good quality helps builds trust and reputation for mechanics.

On that note, although low prices of used car parts may attract vehicle owners, it must be noted that not every used car part is reliable. Moreover, if customers choose to get a spare part on their own, they run at a risk of ending up with a part that isn’t compatible with the model they have. Since these issues can cause problems between mechanic and customers, it is important for the mechanic to know where to find the best second hand parts in the vicinity.

  1. Used car Parts Market Is A Growing $6 Billion Dollar Industry

The second hand auto parts market is valued around $6 billion. This is a little less than 10% of the entire auto parts industry which is estimated to be about $70 billion. These figures might not be of any use to a car owner, but these are definitely very useful for mechanics. This is because for every $10 spent on purchasing new car parts, $1 goes in purchasing secondhand parts. Therefore, as a mechanic, you won’t just be working on secondhand vehicle car parts, but almost 10% of the parts in the cars you’re servicing and maintaining will be second-hand additions to that vehicle.

This is why it’s important to have knowledge about the local used car parts market and also to make connections with suppliers.

While you deal with these suppliers, you’ll find that different suppliers will be best suited for different models and makes of cars. This knowledge will help you a lot when you’re working on a customer’s car because you can then provide them with different quality and price options.

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