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Cost Effective Ways To Make Your Old Car Look Good As New

Cost-Effective Ways to Make Your Old Car Look Good As New

People spend a significant amount of time in their cars, as it is a way of going from one place to another. Whether you are going to work or dropping your kids at school, car owners use their cars more often than they realize.

One most common feeling amongst car owners is the temptation of buying a new car. Thus there are ways to help you reduce such temptations, such as making minor upgrades. Making minor upgrades can help you keep your old car for a long time without getting the new car temptation.

Not everyone can afford expensive upgrades that make your car look better. It is why here is a list of some cost-effective upgrades that you can make on your car to make it look good as new.

  • Clean the interior:

Make it a habit to clear your car of the trash whenever you get out. Even though nothing beats a deep clean, clearing the car from trash will help you keep the car free from any smell and trash piling up. You can also dust the dashboard and interior once a month to make your car look spotless from the inside.

A deep clean is essential at least once a year. You don’t have to waste good money because you need to free up your time and with some effort, your car will look good as new. You can organize your interior to help you find everything when you need it.

As far as the exterior of your car is concerned. Putting it through a good car wash once a week will give a shiny new car feeling. With a shiny body and washed wheels, it will give you a better feeling about your car.

  • Replace Floor Mats:

The floor mats of your car are the first thing to get ruined, and if you have the floor mats that came with the car. It’s probably time to replace them with new and better ones that qualify in keeping the car clean.

Using the old mats can give your car interior a dusty old look, but switching to new and stylish mats makes your car presentable from the inside.

  • New Seat Covers:

Seat covers are great to increase the durability of your seats for future use. You can also use seat covers to hide an already torn seat. You don’t have to go for expensive leather seat covers, as various covers are available at different prices.

Seat covers are a way of decorating your car’s interior.

  • Get rid of dents and scratches:

Having a car covered in dents and scratches gives an unpleasant sight. Thus you can get rid of your dents and scratches. Considering that it isn’t an expensive process, you would be able to restore the exterior body of your car.

  • Regular Maintenance:

Maintaining your car now and then keeps it in top working condition. Taking care of periodic maintenance such as timely oil change will allow you to enjoy a well-maintained car. Most of the reasons that car owners think of buying a new car is because of performance.

Keeping the car maintained will keep it in top working condition. Therefore you don’t have to worry about buying a new car just yet.

  • Replace windshield wipers:

If you live in a place where it rains quite often, you already understand the importance of good vipers and how annoying the screeching sound of old vipers can be. It would be best if you replaced your old vipers because they are better and it is a safe way of traveling.

What if I own a junk car?

Making some upgrades on an old working car can prove to be resourceful, but there’s no point in spending money on a junk car. The better option with a junk car is to sell it. However, if you have ever wondered, how can I sell my scrap car? The answer is a scrap dealer, and if you are unaware of any Acres Cash for Cars is a good option.

Here at Acres auto, you don’t have to worry about dragging your scrap car from one place to another as we provide free towing services and immediate cash payments at the time of purchase.

What Are The Ways To Dispose Of A Junk Car

What Are The Ways To Dispose A Junk Car?

A car that does not serve its purpose can be termed a junk car. Keeping a junk car is a bad option because it will only collect dust and rust which would decrease its value even more. The best option you have is selling your car to buy a new one or anything else.

There are multiple ways you can dispose of a junk car, but there are a few things that you should do before.

Before disposing of your car:

Before you go ahead and dispose of your car, you should check the car thoroughly for your belongings. Check all the compartments and between the seats because there could be several things that you own.

Check the trunk of your car, as it might contain some tools and spare tires because once you lose anything in your car, it’s gone for good. Once you’re done with the checking, you can now remove any extra modifications or features that you installed.

Seat covers, steering wheel cover, extra sound system, and other accessories that were installed separately for your ease can be removed from the car. You can also leave these things in the car, but it depends on the party you are selling.

Here are the different ways to get rid of your junk car.

  • Trade-in:

You can get a price for your car at a trade-in. If you are looking to buy a new car, you can trade your old junk car to the dealer. However, this method might not provide you a reasonable cost, as dealers tend to offer as little money as possible for the old car.

Even if you get a reasonable price on your scrap car, the dealer is most likely to include some extra charges that increase the worth of your new car. Thus even after getting a reasonable price, you would pay the same price for the new car.

  • Landfill:

One option is to dump your car in a landfill, but you would have to drag your car to the landfill yourself or use any towing service. Some landfills no longer allow old junk cars, as they contain toxic liquids that are dangerous for the environment.

Cars contain toxic fluids that can leak from the car and cause soil pollution, which can also cause air pollution after being evaporated. Therefore it might not be such a good idea to dump your car in a landfill.

  • Sell your car parts:

People are always looking for used parts because they are cheap and not easy to find for some cars. You can sell your car as parts, but it is a technical task that requires skill and tools to open and get the parts out safely.

Used cars are a source of working parts that you can sell for cash in the market. Hence it is a difficult task that requires time, effort, and skill. So if you do not have the skills needed, it would be best not to consider this option.

  • Sell it to a scrap yard:

A scrap car is the best option for you if you have ever asked someone to Sell My Scrap Car, as scrap yards buy old junk cars for recycling and reselling them. Selling your car to a scrap dealer is a profitable and eco-friendly way to dispose of your junk car.

Scrap yards carefully remove the toxic fluids from the car and then clean the working parts that can be sold as used parts. The junk car is recycled to make metal that can be separately sold.

It is an eco-friendly way because scrap yards remove the toxic liquids that are present in the car. They also recycle, which reduces manufacturing that reduces pollution as a whole.


After reading the ways mentioned earlier to dispose of your junk car, you might have understood that selling your car to a scrap dealer is the best option. Nevertheless, if you don’t know, a reliable scrap yard Acres Cash For Cars is the best one.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to sell your junk car for cash or you are looking towards buying scrap metal. Acres Cash For Cars does it all.

What Can You Do With A Totaled Car

What Can You Do With A Totaled Car?

There are more than 10 million car accidents that take place each year. It’s unfortunate enough to be involved in one, but it’s worse having to deal with a totaled car. However, if you have been involved in an accident and got a totaled car on your hands. Here’s what you need to know.

What is a Totaled Car?

A totaled car may refer to a wrecked car when the repairing expense of the car is worth 50 %( according to some states) or more of its original worth. It depends on the state in which you currently live. Considering that you and another driver were at fault and your car ended up being wrecked, the damages may be covered by your insurance.

You can claim your insurance company, and they will analyze the situation. The adjuster will be responsible for estimating how much money the company should pay. The adjuster will determine the condition of the car as totaled or a total loss.

The car may be too expensive to repair or might be impossible to repair. For instance, if the repairs needed on a car are estimated to be more than 80%, it might be considered to be a total loss.

Ways to handle a totaled car situation:

Now that you completely understand what a totaled car is, you need to know what you can do with your totaled car. Here are some ways to handle a totaled car situation.

  • Claim insurance money:

Depending upon the insurance laws in your state, the insurance company might provide you with two options. The first might be to replace your totaled car with a comparable new one.

The second option may offer you equivalent cash payment to your totaled car’s actual value. Hence, if you feel that your insurance is offering too low, you can sue.

  • Use it for parts:

One option for you is to keep the car for parts. You can either use it for installing the car’s components to your car, but you need to consider how many working parts still exist.

You can also sell the components of your car to a parts buyer or a scrap dealer where you can get decent cash for it. Using dismantling parts may require specific skills and tools and might prove to be tiresome.

  • Scrap it:

Scrapyards can be referred to as cash for junk cars network in NJ, where you can trade your junk car. Scrapping your car is the fastest and easiest way to earn cash on a totaled car. You can sell your car or all the components separately.

Scrapyards save you from the trouble of negotiating and selling your car parts in the market. Some scrap dealers will provide you with the service of free-towing for your convenience so that you don’t have to worry about dragging your totaled car from one place to another.

Junkyards are a convenient way to take care of your wrecked car, and you also play your part in keeping the environment safe and clean as scrapyards recycle the products to resell them in the market.

  • Trade-in:

A trade-in is a good idea if you want to buy a new car. You can trade your totaled car and reduce the payment on the new one. You might not get a reasonable price because the dealer will try to give you as low a price as possible. Besides, the dealer will probably sell your car to the scrapyard. Therefore you can cut the middle man and do that yourself to get a better amount.


Getting involved in an accident is one of the worst things that can happen to you, and getting a totaled car in return makes it even worse. A totaled car may appear to be worthless, but that’s not the case.

You can decide from the options mentioned above what you should do with your totaled car. One of the easiest and time-saving ways is to scrap your totaled car. As you not only get a good cash amount for it but you also don’t need to spend any effort, money or time.

Nevertheless, if you have ever asked the question, where can I junk my car for cash in NJ? Acres Cash For Cars is the only correct answer.

Pros And Cons Of Buying A New Car

Pros and Cons of Buying a New Car

Choosing between getting a car is a difficult one and deciding over buying a new car or a used car is something that should be carefully decided. There are pros and cons to everything. Therefore you should think everything through.

A car is a costly decision to make, therefore the decision should be based on facts, as several factors can play a great role in your car buying decision such as budget, convenience and use. All these factors can have a significant effect while deciding that you should buy a new car or a used car.

Benefits of buying a new car:

A shiny new car isn’t just an elegant convince but it can provide more benefits than you think such as

  • Comfort:

With a new car, you get the best comfort features that make sure you don’t have any trouble on long routes. The comfort level in a new car is the main reason that people buy it, as they get the relaxation of enjoying the road with their friends and family.

When you drive in a new car you don’t feel tired or pain in your back, even after a long journey in a new car, you feel refreshed and ready for more. To buy a new car you would have to sell junk cars for extra cash.

  • Guarantee and Assurance:

Buying a new car is better, as it eliminates all risks… A new car comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that provides compensation for any damage that might take place at that time. For instance, you don’t see a new car’s engine getting seized that often.

  • Repair Free:

Getting a new car is best if you want a running machine that won’t let you experience any inconvenience. You don’t have to worry about any major repairs because every part is new, thus not likely to need maintenance right away.

All the amount on parts that you would be spending on a new car would be the cost of customization and extra adjustments that you might want to make because a new car would have repairing expenses from less to none.

  • Great mileage:

New cars offer better gas mileage, making them fuel-saving and cost-effective in terms of fuel consumption. Even cars with more CC tend to consume less fuel due to compact engineering and mechanical advancement.

  • Options & Better Features:

New cars provide the option of customizing a car in a way that reflects your personality. Preparing a car in a way that you like is the best feeling in the world. A new car not only provides customization options but also possesses new features that assist in multiple ways.

Innovative and improved features that come in new cars are one of the reasons people are compelled to buy them. New cars may have the option of map navigation for driving assistance, a back camera for parallel parking, a Bluetooth music player, and much more.

Drawbacks of buying a new car:

No matter how great buying a new car may sound, there are some drawbacks to it as well, and here are some of them

  • High Price:

Buying a new car can hit your pocket pretty hard, along with all the perks of having a car, its major drawback is its price. Most people don’t buy a new car just because they can’t afford it and buying a new car goes way beyond the price of an old car. Not everyone can afford a new shiny car.

  • Depreciable value & Pricier parts:

The price of a new car depreciates pretty fast, as you start to lose a significant value of the car within one year of usage. A new car may run well for a year or so but eventually would require some parts to be replaced and this is where you get second thought.

  • Fear & Expenditures:

Once you have bought a brand new car you will constantly stay in the fear of getting the first scratch and you should be because it’s a huge investment but many expenditures come along the way as well.

Registration fees, more taxes, and other paperwork cost quite a bit as compared to used cars, this can shake your decision on a new car.

Sell your junk car to buy a new one:

Acres cash for cars provides you with the option to sell a junk car with no title so that you can get enough cash to pay the down payment on your new car.

What To Know Before Selling Your Junk Car

What to know before selling your junk car?

Selling a car that is working and is worthy to be driven is an easy task to accomplish. However, selling a junk car that’s just catching rust and isn’t exactly road-worthy might prove to be a more difficult thing to do than you had expected it to be.

The best way to sell a junk car for cash is by selling it to a scrap dealer. Scrap dealers pay a fair price for junk cars, as their main objective is to recycle and resale the products. Instead of filling up space in the landfills you can sell your car and get some extra cash on it.

What to know before selling a junk car:

Before you rush to the scrapyard and get a price for your car, you need to have the necessary paperwork. No matter how rusty or busted your car is, scrap dealers will ask for the documents of your car.

Without you having complete documents there is no way for the buyer to know that you are the real owner of the vehicle. Without documents, no buyer will be able to buy your car even scrap yards, where your car is going to be stripped of all parts.

Once you have collected all your documents you are good to go, now you need to know some of the best-proven ways to get a better price for your car.

  • Check your car for belongings:

It’s human nature to forget stuff everywhere. It doesn’t matter if the thing is important or not but it can be found in the dashboard, seat covers, and trunk of your car. Passports, legal documents, and other paperwork is bound to be found in the storage compartment of your car.

Make sure to check and collect all your belongings from your car before selling them. Especially check for the spare tire and jack that might be placed in the trunk of your car because once the car is gone all your stuff will be gone as well.

  • Remove all custom parts:

If you have made some adjustments to your car such as custom parts, you better remove them because you won’t get much of an amount from a scrap yard for these parts. Spoiler, exhaust, muffler, staring wheel covers, etc. are custom adjustments that you might have made and you have a better chance of getting money if you sell those parts individually in the market.

  • Remove license plates:

Some states have laws that require you to remove the license plates of cars before the time of sale. You have bought these plates under your name, therefore you are responsible to keep track of them and keep them safe.

  • Cancel your car insurance:

You probably won’t have insurance for your car if you’re selling it to a scrapyard. However, if your car was running and is still in the insurance you better go ahead and cancel the insurance. Even Hough some insurance companies may help refund your charges but the best thing is to cancel them by yourself.

You don’t need an insured car going into scrap, as you no longer need the insurance. You can easily cancel your coverage without facing any inconvenience.

  •  Find the best offer:

If you want to get a reasonable amount you should take things patiently because rushing into things can result in a bad decision. You can check out multiple scrap dealers and accept the best offer. If you don’t know a good scrap dealer up can always turn to Acres cash for cars.

Acres cash for cars is a well-known scrap dealer that pays reasonable prices for your scrap car. If you are looking to sell a junk car this is the best place for you where convenience and good prices are guaranteed. You can also remove any you part in your car to make sure the scrapyards pay you well.

Most of the scrap dealers try to buy your car for as little as possible but here at Acres cash for cars you get a fair price for your car because they earn their profit by recycling goods and selling them in the local market.

Why Should You Sell Your Junk Car

Why Should You Sell Your Junk Car?

Do you have a car that is no longer functional? Is it just taking up space in your backyard? Then why not sell it and get some extra cash? It is no good to keep extra stuff while they take space and also doesn’t make your house look good. Then the best option here is selling your car to junk car buyers. However, if you are conflicted about whether to sell or not then don’t worry. Here you will get some solid reasons why it can be a good decision.

  1. Good Cash

    – Who would not like some good money? Yes, of course, everyone will. It might come as surprising but many times, junkyards have better offers than auto car dealers. It is because auto car dealers deal in cars while junkyards deal in metal. Your scrap will be more valuable to them rather than auto car dealers. So, instead of letting your junk car just sit in the backyard, sell it to get some extra money. Contact a junkyard and get the process started.

  2. Saves you From Accidents

    – You read it right, sell it before it comes at the expense of your health. If it is junk, it means that there are missing features in your car. It might not have proper seats, a good engine, a rearview mirror, an airbag, or other things. All these are necessary for a safe car and thus a safe ride. Many still keep their car even if it is in a bad condition. It is because of reasons such as emotional attachment, not financially strong to buy a new one, or not willing to go through the selling process. This approach can even turn out to be fatal. So, for the sake of your and your loved one’s precious life, sell your junk car.

  3. Damaged

    – Sometimes your car has a dent, a scratch, a flat tire, or any other damage. These damages can easily be repaired and your car can be as good as new. However, some damages cannot be repaired, for example, a completely broken car door, a partially burnt car, and etc. In case of damages as such it becomes a junk car, and you want to get it back to a functioning state again, you will have to spend loads of money. That is why when a car is damaged, and whose repair would cost you a bunch, or the damage is unrepairable, then it is better to sell it.

  4. Involved in an Accident

    – When a car is involved in an accident, it goes through a lot of legal issues. There are tons of documents needed as well as clearance. When you go to a buyer with a car that has been involved in an accident, they straight up refuse to buy it. Sometimes buyers agree but then they lower the price to a great extent. This situation has a solution and this is selling your car to the junkyard. Make sure to sell it because the more you keep it, the lesser its value will be.

  5. Does not Look Good Enough

    – As a car owner or someone who loves cars, it gets difficult to have a look at your car in a bad condition. When you own a car, you want it to look good from all directions. This dream of car owners crushes badly when they cannot maintain a car to its original looks. At this time, one should consider selling the car. Why must you think? Well, maintaining a car is neither an easy nor a cheap task. It also requires a lot of time. So, when your car is not maintained, such as dents, paint is not proper, not cleaned, and etc, then consider selling it.

  6. Free Tow

    – One of the biggest perks of selling your junk car to a junkyard is free towing. It does sound like a lot less but guess what? You save a ton of money on it. This way you only make money and not lose any.

So, if your days are passing, wondering “Should I sell my car fast for cash?” then these reasons are good enough to give you an answer for the question.

Points To Remember Before Selling Your Car

Points to Remember Before Selling Your Car

Before jumping on to any procedure it is necessary to go through all the guidelines. It is because so that no mistakes are made and then the process you are getting into ends up smoothly. However, every step has a preceding step. The step you are aiming for can be incomplete or maybe will not take place.

Here, you will get help regarding the preceding steps that you will have to follow for selling your car. You are here then there is a chance you are considering selling the car. It could be for any reason like you want to buy a new car, you just want to get rid of the old one, or in need of cash. Whatever the reason is, a good guide will help you through the process of selling your car.

So, let’s get on to the points which are a must before selling your car for cash.


– In today’s world, every small product or object has a record. Records are made for not one but several reasons and all of them are important. Since the record is important, documentation for the records is also important. A car is rather a big object and you cannot buy or sell one without documentation. That is why remember to gather all the documents regarding your car. This will save you from the hassle when you start with the process of selling your car. A few of the important car documents that you need before selling an include insurance policy, registration certificate (RC), no objection certificate from the bank (if the car was bought on loans), and pollution control certificates.

An extra little tip for you after selling the car is to take care of transferring the ownership to the buyer as soon as possible.

Estimate of Car

– It is incredibly important before you jump into the market with your vehicle. As a buyer, if you have no experience of how much value cars hold then this will be a good learning step. All you need to do is contact different buyers regarding your vehicle. Get to know what they are willing to pay. If you do not want to meet or interact with buyers in person then guess what? Internet will be your friend. One Google search and you will get a hundred results regarding the value or estimate of your car.

There are a few factors that will contribute to the actual value of your car. These factors include the model of the car, fuel type, kilometers driven on the car, history, manual or automatic, and etc. All these were technical factors but sometimes very non-technical factors play a role in price too such as the color of the car.


– Do you know what helps in keeping your car as per its value? It’s regular servicing. When you get in contact with the buyer, they will inquire you about every stuff regarding the car. It is because they are paying and want the best they could get. Remember that most buyers have surveyed the market. So, your car could have a lot of competition. That is why it is important to keep your car up to date. One of the smallest defects could send away a good buyer. The buyers sometimes are happy to pay extra if they see that car has been serviced regularly.

The most important type of servicing will include oil of the car, lubricants, tires, and aligning.

Working on Exterior of Car

– It is said, the first impression is the last. There is no doubt about this phrase. You will only look at a thing twice only if you like it in the first place. Consider a daily life example, would you enter a store that has good clothes but extremely poor lighting? The answer is 90% chance is you will not because when you can not see clothes how will you decide to enter the store. The same rule goes for cars. If a potential buyer comes to your place to take a look at your car, they will only proceed further only after looking at the exterior. Your car could be in 10/10 condition engine, lubricant, tire, and etc wise but will these things create an impression on the buyer if there is a big dent on the bumper? Well, the chances become very less.

So, the point is to keep the exterior of your car presentable and excellent. The car should be polished, dent and scratch-free, clean and neat. Only this way buyer will move on to the next step of inquiring about the car.

Hope these points helped and your small question that every seller has “Is my car worth it?” is also answered.

What Happens In A Junk Yard

What Happens in a Junk Yard?

As a human, we are always curious. Be it about a very small thing or a major one. We always want to get to the very base of anything. This is the reason our world is where it is today. We have advanced in many fields we could not imagine a few hundred years ago. How was this possible? Just because of curiosity and the will to do something bigger and better.

This curiosity does not leave us even in very small matters as well. Such as the question “what happens in a junkyard?”.  It is quite a common concern or interest among car lovers or those interested in recycling. Well, the junkyard looks extremely chaotic and happening. These looks still don’t define or tell what goes in the junkyard. So, let’s get on to it one by one of what happens to the cars once they end up in a junkyard.

Exclusion of the Car Number – There is a term known as EOL vehicle. EOL vehicle is an end-of-life vehicle that means it is of no use anymore in any way. Vehicle’s end of life could be due to reasons such as vehicle naturally completing its life, or by severe accidents like fire, flood, land sliding, etc. There is a number associated with EOL vehicles. Once your vehicle enters a junkyard, this number is excluded from the DMV (department of motor vehicles) system. This step ensures that the vehicle will not be sold, purchased, or even fixed without the person at the other end being aware that it’s an EOL vehicle.

Recycling – Here comes the main purpose of junkyards that is, recycling. In our world today, recycling saves the earth and the environment from a lot of damage. You may wonder how? Well, many materials will produce different kinds of toxins if simply disposed of around the earth, in the ocean, or burned. “Many materials” of this kind include our cars. They are harmful to be disposed of without any regard for the amount of metal they have. That is why junkyard provides a proper place where the recycling process of cars could start. The first step in recycling is de-pollution. Every car is depolluted and then checked for its useful parts. We will get onto what happens to the useful parts. Recycling cars help in keeping a large amount of steel, almost 11 million tons, and in the same way a huge amount of non-ferrous metal out of the landfills. Instead, all this steel and metal is brought back into use. The gathered steel is then sold to the processors of steel. They use this steel to make different useful products. From all the steel used in the world today, now 25% is from recycled metal.

About the Useful Parts – When you take your car to a junkyard, it means the car is not useful to you anymore in any way. However, junkyard people can find useful materials in the cars they get no matter how small it is. Acres auto has the same ability. When the car is there, it is scanned thoroughly. There are two reasons to scan it, first as mentioned above while second is to look for any material that can be reused again. This material is taken out from the car, goes through a service, and then is ready to be resold. Customers of such parts are those who want to bring improvement in their old car, don’t have the expenses to afford completely new material, or those who might want to buy in a bulk.

There is one more way to go with useful parts and that is letting the owners decide what they want to do with the parts. In this case, owners of junk cars are given the option to take out whatever part of the car they might find useful and then owners keep it or sell it.

Now, if you are still wondering “where to sell my car near me?” then this blog can be the answer. A junkyard is the best possible place to finally end your car for good. It is better this way for both, environment and you.

How Much Insurance Will You Get For A Totaled Car

How much insurance will you get for a totaled car?

Being involved in a car accident is one of the most tragic things that any person would want to avoid, the only things that you can wish for when in an accident that you don’t get severely injured and your car doesn’t get totaled.

Buying a vehicle is a difficult choice to make, mainly because you need to assess your budget with what is comfortable and what you need. However, if your car greets totaled you better hope that it was insured, otherwise buying a new car may be an even harder task than before.

What is a totaled car?

A car is considered totaled when the cost of repairing the car exceeds the original value of the vehicle. In other cases, a vehicle may also be considered total if the repair cost is above 50%. In the United States, different states have laws that define when the car may be considered totaled depending on specific terms.

A totaled car is an unusable vehicle that has become scrap. An insured car can prove useful at such times to regain the complete cost or the partial cost of your vehicle.

How to claim insurance:

You are probably wondering how much you’ll get from the insurance company on your totaled car. How much money you are going to receive from the insurance company completely depends on what kind of insurance you have?

To get any payment at all, you must have comprehensive coverage and collision coverage. These separate documents allow you to receive payment on your totaled car.

Once you have all the documentation with you, the first step that has to be done is to contact your insurance company and inform them that your car has been totaled. The insurance company will soon send an inspection officer, who will determine the worth of your car by checking the wrecked vehicle.

After checking the vehicle, the inspector usually determines that the car is totaled or not. The money that the company will offer will be determined based on whose fault it was and what insurance you have.

The insurance company will offer a price that will be 20% to 25% less than what your car was worth. It doesn’t matter if you are aware of the market value of your car, insurance companies try their best to pay as they can.

Get in Touch with Acres Cash for Cars:

As of now, you would have hopefully received payment from your insurance company. Even though you would have received a slightly less amount than expected, don’t worry because you can also receive fair cash on your scrap vehicle.

You would be wondering that who will buy my car in NJ and the answer to that is “Acres Cash for Cars.” A reputable and reliable scrap dealer who buys junk cars for cash in NJ. You can get immediate cash for your totaled car.

We buy junk vehicles in cash because that unwanted junk to you can be recycled, which is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of manufacturing new goods from old goods. Doing business with Acres Cash for Cars doesn’t only allow you to receive reasonable instant cash for your junk car but also you can play your part in keeping the environment safe and clean,


If God forbid you to end up being involved in a car accident make sure that you and your car are insured. At times even a minor accident can end up in a totaled car and such an incident can make it difficult for you to buy a new car all over.

Car insurance allows you to receive some amount in exchange for your totaled car depending upon the insurance and who was at fault. However, the insurance companies tend to pay less than the actual worth of the vehicle. Therefore you can benefit from some extra cash from Acres cash for cars in exchange for your totaled vehicle.

Your car would be towed for free, used for recycling and you will receive a reasonable amount of cash at the same time. Hence no way how you look at it, it’s a win-win.

When Is My Junk Car Ready For Sale

When is my junk car ready for sale?

So, you have a car that is taking up space in your garage that you want to get rid of but you are not sure if this is the right time to sell it or not, right? You cannot come up with a suitable time to sell your car and the days are passing by quickly while you are preparing a decision. Acres Cash for Cars guarantees you that the tension-free days are near because we will guide you on when is the right time to sell your car to a junkyard, how to sell your junk car online, and how to sell your car fast for cash.

The time as to when your car should be handed over to a junk dealer depends on factors such as the following:

  1.       Condition of your car

The best time to sell your car to a junkyard is when your car ceases to work. If your car is rusty and its engine and transmission are completely messed up, then consider calling a junkyard owner. Sell your junk car when it is completely depreciated.

  1.       Your Affordability

It seems irrelevant but your mood indeed plays a big role in the selling of your car. If, even after seeing your car in a completely messed state, you are in the mood of investing money in the repairing of your car, then try investing it. However, sell your car to a junkyard when you are no longer interested in investing your hard-earned money in it. Make up your mind or in this case, and think about your pocket as well. Think if you can afford to invest in your junk car or not.

  1.       Your Car’s Collision Insurance

If you don’t have collision insurance on your car, then you are probably stuck with a damaged car to sell. So, what are you waiting for? Try calling a junk car dealer, sell your car and get some money in return instead.

Now, moving on to the situation where you have decided that your junk car should be handed over to a junkyard owner. The next question that you ask yourself after making this wise decision is, “How can I sell my junk car online?” Here’s how:

  •         Advertise your Junk Car

The best and easiest way for quickly selling a junk car is to advertise your junk car for the greatest number of people to view the listing. Attract the audience online by channelizing your junk car smartly. Make your junk car easily accessible for important people to see so that they can place fast and best offers on your junk car, an offer that can work in your favor.


  • Get an Online Quote for your Junk Car

Websites like eBay are a good source for finding an online quote for your junk car.

Now your brain must be occupied with an obvious question: “How can I sell my car fast for cash?” Keep on reading this blog to unveil the answer to this question.

To sell your car fast, do the following:

  •       Paperwork

First things first, get the legal right to sell your car, check with your lender if there is still some loan money left to be paid, and order your car’s history.

  •     Estimate Money

By setting up an attractive ‘asking price’, estimate the value of your car. This practice also makes your car stand out from all the other cars.

  •       Presentation

For the buyer to take interest in your car, wash the car properly and vacuum it so that it can impress its dealer. Don’t throw a large amount of money into wearing and tearing of the car, instead; just make it look presentable enough that the buyer takes one look at it and says, “It looks fine!”

In conclusion, now you must have an idea when is your car ready for sale. We also hope your concerns regarding how to sell your cars online are somewhat cleared as well. It is no easy task but good luck junking! Remember, with all the right steps you have more chances of making the right decision for your car.

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