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Things To Do With A Totaled Car

5 Things To Do With A Totaled Car

Approximately 1.35 million people die each year as a result of road traffic crashes. These car crashes are generally in third-world or underdeveloped countries due to the carelessness of the drivers. If you have been in a car accident then you must understand that the experience is haunting. A person who goes through an accident not only suffers during the accident but after that as well. This suffering is not just physical but also expands to mental trauma as well which makes it more difficult.

It is important to get over this mental trauma and one of the best ways to do this is to get rid of your old junk carsYour accident vehicle might revive the trauma every time you drive it so we suggest cleaning the slate and starting fresh.

We know that you are wondering that totaled cars are useless and there isn’t much that you can do with them. However, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that your totaled car doesn’t go to complete waste but it is important to go through a few other things before we start with our list.

Estimate The Damage

The first thing to do is to see the magnitude of damage that the vehicle has gone through. We understand that a totaled car is useless in most cases but it ends up being drivable in some cases. You can get a relatively better price if you estimate this damage.

Check for Insurance

You should also consider revising your car insurance contract as soon as you encounter a car totaling accident. It will assist you in calculating what percentage of the damage the insurance bond will fulfill.

What Can You Do With A Totaled Car?

If you are left with no option but to sell your totaled car then you should consider making it useful in the following ways.

Take The Money

If the accident you are in is not your fault then you should make an estimate of the damage and the parts needed. This amount will help you determine the settlement amount after the accident. You can use this money to buy a new and better car too.

There is not much use in being stubborn in such situations, thus, try to resolve things with mutual agreement. Insurance companies have their own formula and standards to calculate the damage amount so reaching out to professional insurance experts is also suggested.

Don’t Try And Keep It

Your car is worth keeping if it works fine even if it looks like a golf ball. You can use it to complete small errands or give it to a new driver to sharpen their skills. However, we understand that you might be emotionally attached to your vehicle but you need to do a little practice with this. The totaled car is practically useless and will damage you more than it will do you good.

You may still not be able to enjoy your car like before if it is fully repaired so going for a new one is a better approach. Keeping the car will also reduce your salvage value so the faster you sell it off the more beneficial it will be for you. Additionally, the mechanic might rip you off by adding unnecessary costs and expenses so be vigilant.

Salvage it

You can also buy the car from the insurance company if you are feeling ambitious. You can get parts on your own and put in some effort to get the car fixed yourself. While this isn’t the most practical approach it is still good for someone who wants to do it for fun. Most car enthusiasts collect totaled cars and bring them back to their prime as a personal project.

Donate It

Something essential that you should keep in mind is that the prime goal is to get rid of the totaled car. You can easily get rid of it by reaching out to professional towing companies if you donate the totaled car. The company will use the vehicle and use the money gained for good purposes.


With that said, you understand that there are tons of ways to deal with a totaled car. We also suggest contacting professional services like Acres Cash for Cars if you want to get rid of your vehicle the quickest.

Car Reselling Concept

Tips on how to easily get Cash for Your Car Today

There comes a point when every car owner goes through a dilemma about whether or not they should sell junk cars. It is a tough decision to make due to various reasons like what if you cannot make enough money for it? What if you fail to get a better substitute? What if you end up regretting your decision? And the list goes on. You must take all the pros and cons into account and then reach a decision. It’s not easy, it will take time but once you realize that an old car is not worth all the repairs and maintenance costs, it will be a rather easy choice to make. Then arises the predicament where you are worried about not getting fairly compensated.

We have it all figured out for you! Here’s a set of tips that will surely help you to easily get cash for your car today!

How To Sell Junk Cars?

Are you tired of having a junk car standing in your driveway? Is it taking all the unnecessary space? Would you rather get rid of it but unsure how to? Don’t worry! We will help you figure it all out.

First, you need to ask yourself a set of questions that will help you decide if selling the car is a good idea.

1- Does It Run?

The main question is if you can get your car to run or not. If it requires more repairs than necessary to get back on track, it’s probably a better idea to get rid of it.

2- Is The Value Low?

If your car has a low market value, chances are it will keep on decreasing. Now is your time to make some money for it while you still can.

3- Are You Missing Paperwork?

Another reason to junk your car and make some cash is if your paperwork is missing. If you want to sell it, you will have to find all the necessary documents like registration and licensing which will cost you money and time. So why not just junk it and make some cash instead?

4- Is It Damaged?

Then arises the question of how damaged your car is. If you cannot get all the damages repaired at a reasonable cost, it’s another reason to get rid of the junk car.

The junking process might feel complicated but you will be surprised to know how it’s actually very quick, easy, and does not require much work on your end. Here’s what you can do to get cash for your car:

1- Junk Car Removal Company

Your easiest bet is getting in touch with a junk car removal company to cater to your needs and save you from all the hassle. You can find one by simply looking up Junk car removal on Google and pick the one that suits you the best. It’s important to make sure you have a particular set of information that may be required by the company such as; any past damages, make and model of the car, details of missing parts, your location, etc.

2- Decide A Quote

When you have provided all the sufficient details about your car, you will get a quote from an agent within no time. You may want to accept it on the spot but it is always a good idea to take some time and think about it. Don’t be hasty. In case you are unhappy with the given quote, you can always negotiate. Just remember to be reasonable and practical. Don’t let emotional attachments with your car get in the way of your rational thinking.

3- Schedule A Meeting

After you have decided on the quote, don’t make any further delays. You can have your junk car off your property on the very same day. Just give the company a call and they will come to pick your car according to your feasibility.

4- Sign The Documents

On your decided time and date, your car will be towed. By then you should have your documents ready to sign and hand over the keys. You can get immediate cash for your car and put that money to far better use.

And with that, you have made instant cash for your junk car without any hassle at all. So don’t wait any further. Acres cash for cars can cater to your junk vehicle and make you some instant cash.

Tips On How To Sell Your Used Car

Tips on how to sell your used car

Have you been asking yourself should I sell my car? What could be the value of my car? Is it the right time to sell my car? Everyone goes through this dilemma every once in a while. If you are also unsure about whether or not you want to sell your car, we have compiled exactly the type of content for you to figure it all out. Just go through these tips on how to sell your car and it will surely help you make your mind.

1- Calculate The Value 

Do detailed market research to evaluate the current price of your car. Calculate your car’s actual worth. Go through related advertisements to see if a car similar to yours is up for sale. This will give you a much clear idea of how much you can get for your car. Once you have decided on a fair price for your car, look up potential buyers. You will meet a lot of people and you will have to narrow it down to serious buyers who meet your requirements. Another tip to get your desired amount for the car is to always give a number a little higher than your expectation so when the time of negotiation comes, the buyer would eventually settle for what you want.

2- Make Advertisements

In this digital era, the most convenient way of selling everything is by putting it up online. You could be wondering who buys used cars near me? Selling it online is your easiest bet. Not only will it connect you with buyers near you but also save you from a lot of hassle. All you need to do is take pictures of your vehicle, put them on a car selling website, give your vehicle’s details such as make and model, year of release, warranty period, damages if any, and you are done. Also, make sure you provide your contact details so potential buyers can connect with you easily. You just have to keep relisting every day so that your ad does not get buried and lose engagement.

3- Connect With A Dealer

In case you are not comfortable with direct selling to buyers or meeting strangers, you can always connect with a car dealer to take care of everything for you. You will have to set a meeting with a dealer, give them your car’s details and fulfill any other requirements which they might have. After that, you need to decide on a quote. Remember that you won’t make as much money selling with a dealer as you would selling it privately. Even then always do your market research first so you don’t end up getting unfairly compensated.

4- Use Social Media

Another very easy way to sell your car is to simply take pictures of your vehicle and post them on your social media account like Facebook or Instagram. You would be surprised to see how you can make use of these applications for selling. You can attract a lot of potential buyers if your post has enough engagement. You can do that by asking your friends and family to share it as well.

After you are done reading, you must have a clear idea of how to sell your car and what are the available options for you. You can go with whatever option feels feasible for you. You can also connect with Acres Cash For Cars and we can give you the best price of your vehicle with almost no effort at your end.

What Happens If You Put Diesel In A Gas Car

What Happens If You Put Diesel in A Gas Car?

A very typical error that individuals make with regard to diesel is to use it in a gasoline vehicle. Diesel and gasoline nozzles are situated adjacent to one another, and a person may use the incorrect nozzle to fill the vehicle with the wrong fuel.

The nozzle of the diesel fuel pump has built-in safeguards that it includes on its own. The design itself makes filling the gas tank with a diesel nozzle improper. Additionally, the diesel neck is distinguished from the regular neck in a distinct color to aid drivers in identifying it. Nevertheless, this does not imply that some unskilled drivers may confuse diesel with gasoline and place it in a different vehicle.

“What happens if you put diesel in a gas car?” is a question that never goes away. This guide will give you all you need to know about what happens when you use the incorrect fuel.

What tends to happen if you put diesel in a gasoline-powered vehicle? 

As you may have seen, the combustion mechanisms of gasoline and diesel are very different in many ways. As a result, putting diesel in a gasoline engine is a massive error, and depending on how long the diesel has been in the car, it might have serious consequences. It also relies on whether or not you started the vehicle and let the diesel flow via the gasoline combustion system.

Let’s look at what to anticipate and what will follow if you put diesel in a gas car.

Hard start

The first thing you’ll realize when you put diesel in a gasoline automobile by accident is difficulty with starting. Because diesel is significantly thicker than conventional gasoline, it will have a difficult time spreading throughout the combustion system. It’s possible that your combustion system will never burn the fuel in the first place.

As a result, the gasoline may become stuck in one spot or transform into bigger droplets, contaminating the whole fuel system.

Heavy smoke

If you look at any diesel vehicle’s tailpipe, you’ll see that the smoke is thick and black. This develops when the diesel engine’s compression isn’t high enough to burn all of the diesel in the combustion chamber.

What will happen if this diesel enters into a gasoline system with lesser pressure? The combustion system will not be able to burn any of this gasoline, and it will be unable to even burn the existing fuel in the cylinder. As a result, when you put the improper fuel in a gasoline engine, the first thing you’ll notice is thick black smoke pouring from the tailpipe. The smoke shows that the fuel in the air-fuel combination was not entirely burned.

Power loss

Although the engine’s principal function is to create power, it will not produce any if it detects that the air-fuel combination is being burned. As a result, if you’re lucky, you’ll just lose a little bit of power. However, in extreme circumstances, your car may not even start, resulting in substantial blowouts and a severe drop in fuel efficiency.

Failed catalytic converter 

In every gasoline combustion system, the catalytic converter is in charge of dealing with any minor quantities of unburned fuel. To avoid any harm from reaching the environment, the catalytic converter converts all hydrocarbon pollutants into less dangerous gas.

Larger volumes of diesel contaminants in the fuel system are too much for the catalytic converter to handle. As a result, even a tiny amount of fuel in the combustion system can cause considerable damage as soon as it hits the catalytic converter. The total pressure of the exhaust system is affected when the catalytic converter becomes clogged with large volumes of gasoline, which can lead to engine overheating. Engine overheating may utterly destroy your engine in a short period of time.

If you didn’t know, the catalytic converter is one of the most costly components in any automobile. Replacing a faulty catalytic converter can cost thousands of dollars, and many drivers choose to sell their automobiles rather than deal with the expense of catalytic converter repair.

If you find yourself in this scenario, we recommend contacting Acres Cash For Cars who will guarantee to buy your junk car and give you top cash for junk cars!

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