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Junk Car Removal – How Our Free Towing Service Works

November 17, 2021
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Junk Car Removal – How Our Free Towing Service Works

Junk car removal is getting your old and unused car towed, which can no longer serve your transportation needs. When you plan to junk your car, you need to get in the touch with right people for yourself who will make sure you are compensated fairly.

Although all junk car towing companies offer you their services free of cost but not all of them keep their word. Companies tend to cover their towing cost from your price and make deductions. You need to select a reliable company that will not scam you in any way and goes for the one providing free towing service.

So how do you ensure that none of these things happen to you when the time comes for you to get rid of your car? We have listed down all the things for you to keep in your mind while opting for a car removal service.


1- Free Removal Service


Your main concern should be what price the company asks you for towing your car. People often don’t ask if there are any towing charges and so they end up paying for something that should essentially be free of any charges at all. You should not just talk to one company and set a deal. The better option is always having multiple options for yourself. Get in touch with more than one company and go with whichever you feel is the most reliable option for you. Ideally speaking, a company offering free towing services is the best option. It does not make any sense to pay for selling your car, right?


2- Confirm The Quote


Before moving further with the car pickup, offer the company your desired quote. Remember to be realistic in this regard. Your car is obviously not in the best state and no one would be willing to buy it. So you should be rational with the quote you offer. Even though your car is not in its best state, it still does not imply that you should settle for less. If they offer you a very low price which you feel is unfair, you can always negotiate. One way to have a clear idea of your car’s worth is, offer your quotes to multiple companies that deal in cash for junk cars and see how they respond to your offer.


3- Acres Cash For Cars


We have a way to make the whole process fairly easy for you with your best interests at heart. Not only do we offer a fair price catering to your needs, but we have formulated quote an efficient process which saves you from all the headache. We can get you an honest deal without you having to do much on your end. If you don’t regularly junk your cars, it’s a possibility that you might get scammed by one of these companies and we don’t want you falling prey to that. Usually, companies make it look like everything can be taken care of with one phone call when in reality they are hiding a lot of charges which you end up paying later on.

We also have automotive experts on board who help us make the deal suitable for us and the customer as well. They help us figure out the best way to utilize your car and give us a clear idea of your car’s condition.

At Acres Cash For Cars, you can get a quote in near to no time after you have provided us with the details of your vehicle. Once we settle on a quote, we would require all the details of your car as mentioned above. It would speed up the process if you have all the information ready at hand. The most important of all these details is the title of the car. Without the title, the process can take more time and get more difficult. After we have dealt with all the formalities, we can tow your car according to your convenience. You can receive your full payment in cash at the time of pick up. The whole process takes just a couple of days.


So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Acres Cash For Cars and let us take care of your junk car for you!

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