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When to Change Spark Plugs in Your Car?

November 17, 2021
When To Change Spark Plugs In Your Car

When to Change Spark Plugs in Your Car?

Spark plugs are small plugs that basically provide the spark enabling the car’s engine to produce power. Therefore, if your car is working well then you have maintained it well. Two main types of spark plugs are present, conventional spark plugs and long-life spark plugs. Conventional spark plugs require to be replaced after 30,000-50,000 miles whereas long-life spark plugs need to be changed between 60,000 and 150,000 miles.

This spark plugs however need to be changed as they are a very important device and with time they also wear out. Moreover, due to the contaminated spark plug, your ignition coil can also fail and thereby not create an electric spark.

However, the question that arises is that, when is it necessary to change spark plugs in your car?

Can you see the signs that your spark plug has worn out?

Your car is hard to start

If you are facing difficulty in starting your car then this is a sign that your spark plug has worn out. If earlier your car would start smoothly but now it’s not the same as before then you need to take this into account and get your spark plug changed.

Your engine is misfiring

An engine often misfires if the spark plug of a car has worn out. Eventually, this misfire also damages the catalytic converter of the car. So, if you see your engine misfiring then get your spark plug checked and replaced.

Poor fuel economy of the car

You will be putting in more fuel in your car and feeling the impact and burden on your wallet. This happens when your spark plug does not burn fuel effectively thereby creating extra work for your engine. So, keep a lookout if this is happening!

Your car struggles to accelerate and loses power

A worn-out spark plug would be unable to create the ignition required. It will not be able to provide the spark needed to ignite the mixture in the combustion chamber. Hence, your car would be struggling to accelerate.

The engine is really loud and unlike before

No matter what vehicle you drive, one of the signs that your spark plug is now done for and needs to be replaced is when your engine is making a lot of noise. This clearly tells you that the spark plug has malfunctioned and requires replacement.

Your check engine light is on

If you are irregular with your maintenance then keep a lookout for your check engine light. Once this light is flashing it’s a preemptive warning and you can take timely action.

As mentioned above, if your car is working well and starting smoothly then your spark plug has not worn out. However, if this is not happening and your car is not starting smoothly or as easily as it would have started earlier then this is a clear sign that your car’s spark plug has now worn out.

Besides this, it is vital to take into account the signs mentioned above as they tell you when you need to get your spark plug changed.

What are the costs of replacing a spark plug?

The cost of replacement depends entirely on your car and the number of cylinders it has. Since some cars have more cylinders than others the cost varies. You can therefore see how many cylinders your car has and reach an estimate. Overall, it is usually cheap to replace a spark plug and not that hefty on your pocket.

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