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Reasons To Sell Your Junk Car

Selling your used and rusted car that’s just lying in the garage car does not only help you get rid of useless junk but can only make you some money.  It’s amazing how you can make yourself some dollars for something that’s not even beneficial for you anymore but it’s always procrastination that gets in the way. So keep on reading as we have some great reasons lined up for you that will surely motivate you to sell junk cars.

1- Cause Of Injury

Your junk car must be lying in your garage for a long time and evidently not taken care of. There is a high risk of safety hazards associated with a junk car depending upon the amount of time that it has been deemed useless. You must take into account that vehicle fluids such as oil and gas can prove to be extremely harmful to humans, animals, and the environment as a whole.

2- Tightens Your Finances

An old vehicle requires a lot of repairs and gets expensive to maintain over time. It also has less efficient gas usage. Even if it’s not being used anymore and just sitting in storage, you are most likely paying your insurance. Selling your junk vehicle will help you in freeing up your finances and also get you some extra cash in your wallet.

3- Chances Of Infestation

An unattended car can attract a lot of unwanted species. Your junk car has extremely high chances of getting subjected to an infestation. It will be a hub of not just bacteria and fungus but a lot of insects like bees and spiders would be fascinated by an empty shelter and move in. With that, your already junk car will continue to deteriorate at a rapid rate.

4- Takes up space

All the space that an unwanted car occupies can be put to better use. We are always in need of more space in our homes so why not just clear the clutter and make some room with the added benefit of earning some cash? There is no point in having a useless mass of junk that is not useful for you in any possible way.

5- Affects Your Property Value

Imagine going to look up a house to buy and you see a useless car sitting in the yard. Doesn’t look pleasant at all, right? The same way your junk vehicle affects the value of your house from a resale point of view. So the smart choice is to get rid of that car before it devalues your property any further.

6- Make Some Extra Cash

Making some extra cash without having to work for it is undeniably appealing. There’s nothing better than making cash simply by selling some useless piece of junk. Let “Sell my car fast for cash” be your main motivator to help you get rid of that useless vehicle. Now you have some free space plus some cash which can surely be put to better use.


Acres Cash For Cars is your solution to get rid of your old car. Put your trust in the right hands and surely, you won’t be disappointed.

Junkyards Near Me That Buy Cars: What To Know Before Selling

The average age of cars and trucks is rising. People are getting more mileage out of their cars than they were designed for. Then, they hit a snag, and it’s no longer financially viable to retain them.

There can be a lot of options when you search for ‘junkyards near me.’ You need to be mindful of a number of things while selling your car for cash.

When the time arrives to sell your junk car, you should remember a few things before calling the closest junkyard to get it removed. You can’t just hand over the keys and the title and expect it to be completed in under an hour. You must first complete some homework and planning.

Going for the first answer that you get after searching for “junkyards near me that buy cars” is calling for trouble. Not everybody follows the rules or plays by the script. This blog discusses everything that you need to remember when selling your car. To secure yourself and your investment, perform the following moves:

Clean It Properly

Some will find this ineffective, but you must ensure that your vehicle is safe. Who cares if it’s messy if it’s going to the junkyard? You won’t know what you’re leaving if your car is particularly dirty.


It’s possible that some nostalgic things would be left behind. A priceless ring, an old credit card, or a wad of crumpled cash. If you give it to the junkyard, you won’t get it back.

You must also note that, although it is a junkyard, it is not a landfill. It’s not a great look to leave the car with a whole backseat and trunk full of belongings. After seeing the chaos, the junk car company may also reduce their bid by a few dollars.

This is one of the most important steps before giving your car to junk.

Do Not Pay For Towing Service

Accepting a tow fee, no matter how rusty or battered the car is, is a bad idea. You won’t find an honest junk car collector who would charge you extra for towing. The only exception could be if your car is in a distant area.

Even then, their complete bid should be enough to persuade you to sell to them. You might get less money at a junkyard that is further away, but if the tow is easy, you might get more.

Title Transferring

You must have a perforated section that requires the title to be released before handing it over. For your documents, you can fill them out and give them to the nearest DMV. Once you’ve completed your release, you’ll be able to sign over the title.

Don’t sign the title over until you’ve been billed. Allowing a firm to drive away with your car while you wait for payment is never a good idea. There are no audits or overdue fees.

Any business would want to wiggle out of paying the initial quote. There’s no excuse that you shouldn’t be paid what you are owed. That’s not the case because the vendor is misleading about the car’s state on purpose.

Junk Yards That Purchase Car By Weight

It’s important to note that there are certain junkyards dedicated to pricing cars in accordance with their weight. Some updates, electronics features, or specs are not taken into consideration when calculating scrap weight. It doesn’t matter whether the vehicle works or not, these companies will take your car off of your hands.

Selling Parts Rather Than The Car

When you learn why junkyards are willing to pay for you, the pill is always difficult to take. As previously said, if you believe the parts are worth more than what they are offering, sell them yourself. Prepare to spend a lot of time selling parts if you’re not an expert on automobiles.

If you do not wish to get involved in this tiresome process, you can help junk car buyers and conveniently sell your car to them.

Sell Your Junk Car For Cash

You must have no trouble finding fast cash for an old car if you follow these instructions.

Junkyards aren’t interested in buying rusty, beat-up vehicles to resell. It’s just about the amount of scrap metal available. If you don’t have any nostalgic attachments to your car, you’ll be able to get a short and fair deal in no time.

Get in touch with Acres Cash For Cars, a junk car buyer, for a free quote in minutes. Call us today and get cash in your hand as soon as tomorrow, along with a free junk car disposal.

5 Variables You Have To Consider While Picking A Junk Vehicle Purchaser

In case you’re searching for a junk vehicle buyer to get an old vehicle from you, you need to know your choices. You would prefer not to sell your vehicle and not receive much consequently, so you need to pick a junkyard that is legitimate and effective. Yet, how would you realize where to begin and what to do?

Peruse on to learn 5 variables you ought to consider while picking a junk vehicle purchaser! 

Know Your Car’s Condition 

With regards to selling junk vehicles, a decent initial step is to comprehend your vehicle’s condition. Does it have a ton of usable parts? Or on the other hand, has it been biting up your reserve funds each time you take it to the mechanic? A vehicle that isn’t running without costly and regular fixes does not merit your time. At the point when the expense of fixes is more prominent than the estimation of your vehicle, it’s an ideal opportunity to seek after a junk vehicle purchaser. Set aside the effort to comprehend your vehicle’s qualities, and look online to figure out how risky your vehicle’s issues are.

Indeed, even with a junk vehicle, you’ll see that the better the condition it’s in, the better the offer you’ll get. Numerous junkyards will be bound to give you a decent cost if your’s motor is working appropriately and ready to be driven as it were. Verify whether your vehicle has a portion of these characteristics or parts. Different spots will not give it a second thought if your vehicle is running or not. They’ll take your vehicle, paying little heed to its condition. And surprisingly at that point, you’ll be guaranteed of getting some cash for the vehicle.

On the off chance that you have a rescue title, that will show that your vehicle has had critical damage. Be that as it may, your vehicle may in any case be driveable, which implies you could, in any case, get a decent money bargain. You need to be reasonable about assumptions. A vehicle that has peaked 300,000 miles and been in a couple of mishaps may just be useful for salvaged material

Analyze Junk Car Buyer Rates

Perhaps the greatest benefit of offering to a junk vehicle purchaser is the guarantee of fast money for your vehicle. However, not all junkyards are similar. Almost certainly, a few spots will be more able to give you a decent cost than others. Try looking. Don’t simply take the primary offer that comes your way since you could possibly improve the offer elsewhere. In case you’re in a territory with various junkyards close by, make the most of the chance to meet with various purchasers and track down the best arrangement.

You might have the option to get a statement all the more rapidly in the event that you can give the VIN number when you’re conversing with a purchaser or rounding out a structure on their site. junk vehicle purchasers like to realize they’re managing somebody readied and legit.

Search for a couple of alternatives in your locale, yet don’t wander excessively far. In the event that you begin driving wherever to track down the best arrangement, you’ll lose a portion of the benefit to mileage and time.

Know the Location of the Junk Car purchaser

It’s is a wise way to pick a junk vehicle purchaser that is close to where you are living. Else, you may wind up driving a ton to track down the best junkyard. Or on the other hand, you may wind up expecting to ship your vehicle at a significant distance to make the arrangement. You’re in an ideal situation going with a spot in your area or city. While many junk vehicle purchasers offer free towing, they may not on the off chance that you live truly far away. So it’s better for your main concern on the off chance that you give a valiant effort to keep things up close and personal. Pick a vehicle purchaser situated close to you for the quickest and most productive cycle. There’s a superior possibility you’ll have the option to get your vehicle towed by the purchaser, and it will make the entire exchange measure simpler.

See How Long the Process Will Take 

You might be thinking, “How much is my car worth” If that is the situation, you need to realize what amount of time the cycle will require with a given purchaser. Try not to accept that all will happen immediately in the course of events you imagine. Make it clear to ask each spot you visit. When will they get your vehicle? How rapidly will you get the money installment? A few purchasers might need to do a more intensive assessment than others. They may demand more archives and ask you inquiries about the vehicle’s maintenance records.

Different junkyards will be prepared to hand you cash inside a day. Regardless, you need to track down the best mix of speed and incentive for your vehicle. Do you need the cash immediately, or would you be able to bear to stand by a couple of days with the desire for improving the arrangement?

Do Your Car Valuation Homework First 

Before you head to the junkyard, you’ll need to invest energy surveying the estimation of your vehicle. That way on the off chance that you have a dollar sum as a top priority, you can contrast it with what you’re being offered and know whether you’re getting ripped off.

Numerous purchasers will offer money for vehicles on the spot, so you need to be set up to strike the best arrangement. At the point when you’ve got your work done, you’ll have the option to evaluate the junk purchaser rates and decide whether they match sensible assumptions.

Warning Signs With Private Junk Car Buyers

Selling your car privately without any third-party involvement can be rather time-consuming, risky, and complicated. From searching for a buyer to taking care of the paperwork, with negotiation in between, it can get overwhelming. With all the drawbacks, the best part about selling it privately is that the entire profit is yours. You will surely make more money if you deal privately as compared to do with a company or through a dealer.

Keeping all the risks in mind, there are certain things you should be careful about while dealing with private junk car buyers in NJ.

1- Mode Of Payment

Cash is the most secure mode of payment when dealing with strangers. In cases where the buyers present you with cheques or money orders, do not let them take your car before you have made sure that the cheques are authentic. You don’t want to be left with a bounced cheque meaning no money in your account and lose your car as well. You can also check with the bank instead of waiting for the money to clear. Be wary of all sorts of fraudulent activities that you can get caught in the middle of.

2-  Paperwork And Registration 

Taking care of the paperwork can prove to be a bit of a hassle. It can be extremely tedious and you might even consider not going through with it but remember that it is really important to deal with paperwork and registration. Buyers might offer to take care of it for you and it might sound tempting but don’t fall for that. If it is not taken care of properly, you will still be accountable for all the liabilities and taxes.

3- Inadequate Reviews

Buying and selling business has a lot to do with the reviews. They tell you about the credibility of a buyer and help you make a decision with much ease. If a potential buyer comes with a lot of bad reviews, dealing with them is not worth it even if you feel attracted to the deal that they offer you. If you are dealing through a website, beware if you don’t come across their past history as it could be the sign of a scam. Stay away from all these red flags to save yourself from the horrors of a fraud.

4- In-Person Buying

If a buyer says that we buy your cars and are okay without meeting you or checking the car in person first, chances are they are planning to pull a scam on you. They might even use fake means of payment so that you don’t suspect anything suspicious. Everyone wants to check out something they plan on buying and if someone does not mind buying it without even seeing it, it’s quite clear something is not right.

5- Towing At Odd Hours

You might come across some buyers who would want to send a towing truck at odd hours. The driver might even use a previously cashed cheque or a fraud pay order to make you think it’s all legitimate. Another case could be the buyer offering to pay you the next day during business hours. Do not fall for any of that. It is a business deal and should be dealt with as such. Dealing after business hours should raise enough suspicion to make you not go through with the deal.

6- Online Scams

Most of the scams these days take place online. You have no definite means of tracking a person when you get connected with them through a website or a social media app. Make sure to meet them in person first and have enough security before you decide to sell them your vehicle. Take their proper identification, location,  and a few references if possible. Be very cautious when dealing with people online.

If you are sure that you can go through this tiresome process while keeping tabs on everything, you can go through with selling your car privately. If you feel like this might be too much for you to handle, you always have the option to connect with a reliable junk car selling company. Acres cash for cars can prove to be just the kind of service that you need for yourself.

What Is The Best Choice When Choosing A car: New Cars vs. Old Cars?

Buying a car is not an easy task, as it requires you to assess all the benefits and risks that come with it. One of the common questions that car buyers face is whether to buy a new car or a used one. Which is challenging to decide.

Different people have different opinions on what is the best car for you to buy. Nevertheless, everyone agrees that there are pros and cons to each side and the option convenient to your needs is the right choice for you.

Here is a comparative assessment of new cars and used cars. Thus making it easier for you to make the right decision.

  • Performance:

When talking about performance, there is nothing that rivals a new car because it has no prior history of being used. When purchasing a new car, you don’t have to worry about the car being involved in any accidents or failure of periodic maintenance.

A new car is in top condition, as it comes to the dealer straight from the manufacturer, having factory-fresh brakes and tires. When choosing a car based on performance and condition, a new car is the best option.

On the other hand, a pre-owned car is used by a prior owner, and you would have to carefully check the car for accidental damage or failure of the owner to keep the car maintained. It occurs when the owner fails to make timely oil changes in the car.

The car’s condition depends upon the use of the previous owner, as sometimes it can be in good condition. However, in many cases, the condition is not reliable in a previously owned car. Therefore it might not be a good option in terms of performance.

  • Cost:

A new car may prove to be expensive compared to a previously owned car, as it comes with a high insurance premium and a more expensive repair cost. Along with the progressing technology, new parts are expensive to repair and replace.

While a used car is a cost-effective way of owning a car, it has a low purchasing cost, and the insurance amount isn’t much. You don’t have to worry about expensive parts when buying a previously owned car.

One easy way to earn extra cash before buying a new car is by selling your old one. If the question “Who will buy my car near me?” has ever crossed your mind Acres Cash For Cars can help you solve it, as you can get a fair amount for your junk car.

  • Variety of options:

A new car will provide you with various options that can make your decision easier. You can buy a car that reflects your personality and is according to your needs. There are multiple colors, designs, and brands available that allow you to narrow down your requirements, which helps you choose the best car.

Whereas a used car might not provide you with a variety of options or colors. You would have to make the best of what you have. You may not be lucky enough to get the best-used car. Hence if you want to choose a car according to your needs, a new car is the right choice.

  • Features:

You will not get the most updated features in a used car as you get in a new car. New cars provide the latest technology features such as a 360-degree camera, video rearview mirror, automatic emergency braking, and much more.

Used cars are outdated in terms of technology. Therefore if you are looking for advanced features that make your driving more comfortable and more manageable, a new car will prove beneficial.

Final Words:

There are multiple ways to decide on buying a car. Some of the significant factors are performance, price, features, and variety, as previously mentioned. Buying a car is a hefty investment. Therefore you should be extra cautious while buying and carefully make the decision.

On condition that you can’t sell your old car for a fair price to buy a new one and have ever wondered who will buy my car in New Jersey? The answer is Acres Cash For Cars. We are reliable scrap dealers who will buy your old junk car and pay you a reasonable price in cash. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about dragging your car to the scrapyard, as we provide convenient towing services.

How To Sell Your Old Car To Car Recycling Company-A Complete Guide

If your old car is sitting in your garage and has taken all the space, then you must sell it immediately. Instead of keeping an old junk car, it is better to get benefits from it. The benefits endured by selling your junk car to recycling companies are widely known. It provides financial support to those who are in immediate need of money. Besides, recycling itself is a very useful way of making your old car purposeful. Numerous auto recycling companies are available that offer extensive services for utilizing junk cars.

Many car owners are unaware of selling their junk cars to a reputable auto car recycling company. So let’s look at the steps below to understand the process of selling your old car.

  • Make sure to remove valuable items from your car before selling.

It is necessary to remove every valuable item from your car before putting the ‘buy my car’ tag on your old car. The items like the music system, CD player, and other consoles must be taken out so that they can be refitted in your new car. Especially the license plate must be removed to avoid any inconvenience later. Moreover, the customized seat covers and other extra items should be taken away before selling your old car.

  • Determine the reusable parts of your old car.

If you sell your old car to an auto recycling company, it is essential to know its functional auto parts. It’ll help you to determine the approximate value of your car. This way, you’ll not be fooled by any junk car dealer. It makes the buyer aware of the changes and modifications needed in the auto parts of junk cars. The properly functional car components have a great resale value. Therefore, you can detach these parts from your old car is sell them to gain instant profit.

The benefits of determining the reusable parts of your old car are.

  • It’ll help you to save some money from buying new auto parts.
  • It’ll add extra value to your old car.
  • It’ll enable you to place your favorites parts from your old car into the new one.
  • Do intense research before selecting a recycling company.

Due to the easy access to the internet, it has become very convenient to find any kind of service online. Similarly, if you have to sell your junk car, you can search on the internet by writing ‘buy my car near me.’ This keyword will provide you with the efficient links of reputable recycling companies. But before selecting a company, try to check their reviews and feedbacks of customers. It’ll help you receive unparalleled auto recycling services with a smooth process of selling your junk car.

The benefits of research before selecting an auto recycling company are.

  • It’ll prevent you from selling your old car to an unreliable company.
  • It’ll ensure to provide you credible recycling services.
  • Help you get the most suitable price in exchange for your junk car.
  • Make sure that the recycling company provides car transportation services.

Once you have selected a well-known company for selling your junk car, the next significant step is to ensure that the company provides car transportation services. Car transportation is a costly procedure and beyond affordability. The recycling companies have their transportation or links with other transport services. Therefore it is vital to ask the auto recyclers to move the junk car from your house.

The benefits of getting transportation services from auto recycling companies are.

  • It helps to save money from spending on costly transportation charges.
  • It ensures safe cars moving from one place to another.
  • It avoids causing any damage to the car.
  • Quote a suitable price for your old car according to its condition.

The foremost task is to get your desired cost in exchange for your old car is to quote a realistic price. Sometimes, car owners tend to hide the flaws of their junk cars and ask for a higher price than the actual cost. It causes a delay in selling the junk car, and eventually, your old car stays in the garage for a longer term. It is better to determine the flaws and defects of the junk car and quote the price accordingly.


Lastly, to endure a smooth process of selling your car, select Acres Cash for Cars. This company is well-known for offering outstanding recycling services. It buys completely damaged, without title, salvage, and unoperational cars. It also provides free towing services that ease the burden of extra transportation costs.

Top Ways To Utilize Your Old Car

If your old car is residing in the garage and remains unused, then it is time for you to get benefit from it. There are tremendous ways through which junk cars are utilized. Whether it is economic or recycling benefits, the owner of the car always gains profit. An old car that might look redundant and of no use can become the fundamental component of recycling auto parts. For this reason, many car services buy junk cars to utilize them in usable material.

Importance Of Utilizing Old Car:

Usually, old cars end up in garages, parking areas, and junkyards. They tend to fill the places hence, leaving no spaces for cars that are functional and in use. Therefore, it is necessary to make use of these cars and prevent any inconvenience. They become a burden for people who want to buy new cars but can’t figure out how to get rid of their old cars. That’s why recycling services and junk car dealers tend to get scrap cars for recycling purposes.

The points below determine the significance of making effective use of junk cars.

  • They provide extra and clear space in the parking area.
  • Their recycling generates more revenue for the auto parts industry.
  • It is the instant source of getting a favorable price in exchange for a junk car.

Top Ways To Get Benefit From Old Car:

The following ways help you get benefits from an old car.

  • Try to sell a working old car.

If you want to get the maximum benefit from your old car, then try to sell it in working condition. It’ll help you to get the most suitable price in return. If you have an old model of a famous car brand, the chances are that it’ll be used more efficiently than a scrap car. Moreover, the major lacking of old working cars is that they have reached maximum mileage. Apart from this, other auto parts and the outer body of the old car remain intact and reusable.

The benefits of selling a working old car.

  • They’ll provide you extra money that can be added to the cost of the latest car.
  • They deliver effective recycling material.
  • They do not require much effort to reprocess into a new car.
  • Add extra car items to accentuate the purposiveness of your old car.

To make the cost of your od car more profitable, try to add extra car items while selling it. Car owners like to modify their cars and make custom changes. These changes and modifications instantly increase the value of your car. Even if your car is very old and can’t provide a fair price, these car items will help make your exchange worth it. Every trivial change makes your old care more valuable, from the music system to the attractive seat covers.

The benefits of selling extra car items with your old car are.

  • They make your look more attractive to buyers.
  • They enhance the value of an old car.
  • They ensure to make efficient utilization of the extra car items.
  • Do not add needless modifications to your old car.

Car owners tend to add unnecessary transformations in their cars to receive a decent price in exchange. Sometimes, these changes become redundant and prevent reaching potential buyers. Therefore, instead of going overboard with modifying your old car, try to make useful changes. For instance, if there are any issues related to engine and other denting problems must be fixed. Despite these fixations, any extra and needless changes can not assure an adequate profit.

  • Try to be transparent while advertising your old car for sale.

The foremost task is to be transparent about the flaws and defects of your old car. It’ll help to build credibility and develop trust with the buyer. For example, if the car’s air conditioner is not functional, you should let the buyer know about it upfront. It’ll help the buyer recycle or reuse the old car, keeping in mind the shortcomings of the old car.

The benefits of being transparent while advertising your old car.

  • It’ll ensure a safe and reliable exchange.
  • Develops credibility of the car owner.
  • Provides the buyer with an idea of the required modifications in the old car.

Lastly, If you want to sell a wrecked car, Acres Cash For Cars is your best option. It is the most reliable company for getting a fair price in exchange for your old car. This company is well-known for providing free towing services. It also deals with damaged, salvage, wrecked, and cars without a title.

Why Should You Sell Your Junk Car?

Do you have a car that is no longer functional? Is it just taking up space in your backyard? Then why not sell it and get some extra cash? It is no good to keep extra stuff while they take space and also doesn’t make your house look good. Then the best option here is selling your car to junk car buyers. However, if you are conflicted about whether to sell or not then don’t worry. Here you will get some solid reasons why it can be a good decision.

  1. Good Cash

    – Who would not like some good money? Yes, of course, everyone will. It might come as surprising but many times, junkyards have better offers than auto car dealers. It is because auto car dealers deal in cars while junkyards deal in metal. Your scrap will be more valuable to them rather than auto car dealers. So, instead of letting your junk car just sit in the backyard, sell it to get some extra money. Contact a junkyard and get the process started.

  2. Saves you From Accidents

    – You read it right, sell it before it comes at the expense of your health. If it is junk, it means that there are missing features in your car. It might not have proper seats, a good engine, a rearview mirror, an airbag, or other things. All these are necessary for a safe car and thus a safe ride. Many still keep their car even if it is in a bad condition. It is because of reasons such as emotional attachment, not financially strong to buy a new one, or not willing to go through the selling process. This approach can even turn out to be fatal. So, for the sake of your and your loved one’s precious life, sell your junk car.

  3. Damaged

    – Sometimes your car has a dent, a scratch, a flat tire, or any other damage. These damages can easily be repaired and your car can be as good as new. However, some damages cannot be repaired, for example, a completely broken car door, a partially burnt car, and etc. In case of damages as such it becomes a junk car, and you want to get it back to a functioning state again, you will have to spend loads of money. That is why when a car is damaged, and whose repair would cost you a bunch, or the damage is unrepairable, then it is better to sell it.

  4. Involved in an Accident

    – When a car is involved in an accident, it goes through a lot of legal issues. There are tons of documents needed as well as clearance. When you go to a buyer with a car that has been involved in an accident, they straight up refuse to buy it. Sometimes buyers agree but then they lower the price to a great extent. This situation has a solution and this is selling your car to the junkyard. Make sure to sell it because the more you keep it, the lesser its value will be.

  5. Does not Look Good Enough

    – As a car owner or someone who loves cars, it gets difficult to have a look at your car in a bad condition. When you own a car, you want it to look good from all directions. This dream of car owners crushes badly when they cannot maintain a car to its original looks. At this time, one should consider selling the car. Why must you think? Well, maintaining a car is neither an easy nor a cheap task. It also requires a lot of time. So, when your car is not maintained, such as dents, paint is not proper, not cleaned, and etc, then consider selling it.

  6. Free Tow

    – One of the biggest perks of selling your junk car to a junkyard is free towing. It does sound like a lot less but guess what? You save a ton of money on it. This way you only make money and not lose any.

So, if your days are passing, wondering “Should I sell my car fast for cash?” then these reasons are good enough to give you an answer for the question.

What Happens in a Junk Yard?

As a human, we are always curious. Be it about a very small thing or a major one. We always want to get to the very base of anything. This is the reason our world is where it is today. We have advanced in many fields we could not imagine a few hundred years ago. How was this possible? Just because of curiosity and the will to do something bigger and better.

This curiosity does not leave us even in very small matters as well. Such as the question “what happens in a junkyard?”.  It is quite a common concern or interest among car lovers or those interested in recycling. Well, the junkyard looks extremely chaotic and happening. These looks still don’t define or tell what goes in the junkyard. So, let’s get on to it one by one of what happens to the cars once they end up in a junkyard.

Exclusion of the Car Number – There is a term known as EOL vehicle. EOL vehicle is an end-of-life vehicle that means it is of no use anymore in any way. Vehicle’s end of life could be due to reasons such as vehicle naturally completing its life, or by severe accidents like fire, flood, land sliding, etc. There is a number associated with EOL vehicles. Once your vehicle enters a junkyard, this number is excluded from the DMV (department of motor vehicles) system. This step ensures that the vehicle will not be sold, purchased, or even fixed without the person at the other end being aware that it’s an EOL vehicle.

Recycling – Here comes the main purpose of junkyards that is, recycling. In our world today, recycling saves the earth and the environment from a lot of damage. You may wonder how? Well, many materials will produce different kinds of toxins if simply disposed of around the earth, in the ocean, or burned. “Many materials” of this kind include our cars. They are harmful to be disposed of without any regard for the amount of metal they have. That is why junkyard provides a proper place where the recycling process of cars could start. The first step in recycling is de-pollution. Every car is depolluted and then checked for its useful parts. We will get onto what happens to the useful parts. Recycling cars help in keeping a large amount of steel, almost 11 million tons, and in the same way a huge amount of non-ferrous metal out of the landfills. Instead, all this steel and metal is brought back into use. The gathered steel is then sold to the processors of steel. They use this steel to make different useful products. From all the steel used in the world today, now 25% is from recycled metal.

About the Useful Parts – When you take your car to a junkyard, it means the car is not useful to you anymore in any way. However, junkyard people can find useful materials in the cars they get no matter how small it is. Acres auto has the same ability. When the car is there, it is scanned thoroughly. There are two reasons to scan it, first as mentioned above while second is to look for any material that can be reused again. This material is taken out from the car, goes through a service, and then is ready to be resold. Customers of such parts are those who want to bring improvement in their old car, don’t have the expenses to afford completely new material, or those who might want to buy in a bulk.

There is one more way to go with useful parts and that is letting the owners decide what they want to do with the parts. In this case, owners of junk cars are given the option to take out whatever part of the car they might find useful and then owners keep it or sell it.

Now, if you are still wondering “where to sell my car near me?” then this blog can be the answer. A junkyard is the best possible place to finally end your car for good. It is better this way for both, environment and you.

How much insurance will you get for a totaled car?

Being involved in a car accident is one of the most tragic things that any person would want to avoid, the only things that you can wish for when in an accident that you don’t get severely injured and your car doesn’t get totaled.

Buying a vehicle is a difficult choice to make, mainly because you need to assess your budget with what is comfortable and what you need. However, if your car greets totaled you better hope that it was insured, otherwise buying a new car may be an even harder task than before.

What is a totaled car?

A car is considered totaled when the cost of repairing the car exceeds the original value of the vehicle. In other cases, a vehicle may also be considered total if the repair cost is above 50%. In the United States, different states have laws that define when the car may be considered totaled depending on specific terms.

A totaled car is an unusable vehicle that has become scrap. An insured car can prove useful at such times to regain the complete cost or the partial cost of your vehicle.

How to claim insurance:

You are probably wondering how much you’ll get from the insurance company on your totaled car. How much money you are going to receive from the insurance company completely depends on what kind of insurance you have?

To get any payment at all, you must have comprehensive coverage and collision coverage. These separate documents allow you to receive payment on your totaled car.

Once you have all the documentation with you, the first step that has to be done is to contact your insurance company and inform them that your car has been totaled. The insurance company will soon send an inspection officer, who will determine the worth of your car by checking the wrecked vehicle.

After checking the vehicle, the inspector usually determines that the car is totaled or not. The money that the company will offer will be determined based on whose fault it was and what insurance you have.

The insurance company will offer a price that will be 20% to 25% less than what your car was worth. It doesn’t matter if you are aware of the market value of your car, insurance companies try their best to pay as they can.

Get in Touch with Acres Cash for Cars:

As of now, you would have hopefully received payment from your insurance company. Even though you would have received a slightly less amount than expected, don’t worry because you can also receive fair cash on your scrap vehicle.

You would be wondering that who will buy my car in NJ and the answer to that is “Acres Cash for Cars.” A reputable and reliable scrap dealer who buys junk cars for cash in NJ. You can get immediate cash for your totaled car.

We buy junk vehicles in cash because that unwanted junk to you can be recycled, which is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of manufacturing new goods from old goods. Doing business with Acres Cash for Cars doesn’t only allow you to receive reasonable instant cash for your junk car but also you can play your part in keeping the environment safe and clean,


If God forbid you to end up being involved in a car accident make sure that you and your car are insured. At times even a minor accident can end up in a totaled car and such an incident can make it difficult for you to buy a new car all over.

Car insurance allows you to receive some amount in exchange for your totaled car depending upon the insurance and who was at fault. However, the insurance companies tend to pay less than the actual worth of the vehicle. Therefore you can benefit from some extra cash from Acres cash for cars in exchange for your totaled vehicle.

Your car would be towed for free, used for recycling and you will receive a reasonable amount of cash at the same time. Hence no way how you look at it, it’s a win-win.

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